Thinking Of Camping This Summer?

Cabin camping in ms

What’s your favorite way to vacation? Are you a fan of water parks or do you like to stay home and binge on movies? For most Americans it’s packing up enough for two to three days and heading to ideal cabin camping parks, with sunny weather and plenty of activities at the very top of their to-do list. When it comes to the right cabin camping parks, however, there are a few basics that shouldn’t be neglected if you want to have fun and stay safe. So much of camping is careful planning and research, from where you want to stay to what you want to do when you get to your coveted spot. If you want some ideas for your next great family vacations just look below to learn a bit more about what makes this near-ritualistic event in America so pervasive and what you should know to get started!

Why Do Americans Love Camping?

Thanks to the sheer size of the United States, there is a wealth of varied geography and culture to explore during your precious free hours. The great outdoors has undercut the fabric of America ever since its inception and doesn’t plan on going away anytime soon as millions of American adults and kids alike learn to pitch tents and built campfires. People who prefer leisurely activities can be reasonably satisfied with fishing or bird-watching, while more active people can seek out hiking, swimming or hunting to whet their appetite. A recent survey saw nearly 90% of campers participating in multiple outdoor activities, to boot, meaning the world truly is your oyster for fun!

What Are Preferred Types Of Camping?

Another wonderful aspect of camping are just how many ways of achieving the same fun weekend there are. Some prefer cabin camping parks for their flexibility and ability to accommodate many people, perfect for families or birthday trips. Others like to take their RV and stay for nearly a week under a tight schedule of hiking, fishing, swimming and cook-outs. Studies have shown family camping vacations as still one of the most popular recreational choices for Americans, spending nearly 535 million days in 2011 alone. RVs and cabin camping parks still constitute the longest period stayed, while those that lay under the open stars tend to do so for only a few days.

What Are Safe Camping Tips I Should Know?

We all want to have fun camping after a long and hard work or school week. Camping safely, however, should be at the forefront of your mind when getting prepared. Remember to check the readily available lists of surrounding wildlife so you’re prepared to take safety measures — bears, for example, have a sense of smell a dozen times stronger than the average dog and are easily attracted to leftover trash, barbecue and even toiletries like perfume and shampoo. Keep a good bug repellent on you and wear durable shoes, to stave off pesky mosquitoes and nasty ticks. Basics like working flashlights and flares are essential, as well, in case you get lost while traveling. When over 90% of camping participants in a recent survey said they were ‘very likely’ to go camping the following year, safety is more important than ever!

How Do I Create The Perfect Camping Trip?

Want to create the perfect camping trip? First things first — what do you want to do? Who are you taking with you? How long do you want to stay? Get these questions out of the way now so there are no nasty surprises when you’re pitching up your tent or approaching your favorite cabin camping parks. The average camping trip lasts a few days, with many adding up to a total of two weeks fishing, hiking and barbecuing during the summer and spring months. Cabin camping parks are a great choice for those that want a happy balance between familiar comfort and the great outdoors, with many great spots in Illinois, Colorado and Michigan. So, what are your camping trip plans for this summer?

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