5 Times You Should Hire a Limo

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If you are considering using car services to get somewhere, you might think about choosing a limousine service. Of course, arriving in limos is only appropriate when you are going to some places, so you want to be careful not to overdo it. Hiring limousine services on a first date, might a little overkill but to leave your wedding or go to prom? Absolutely. Let’s take a look at some places where it would be acceptable to take a limousine service.

Your Wedding
This one has to be talked about. If there is anywhere that it is appropriate to take limo services, it’s to and from your wedding. You can either party it up with your whole wedding party or you can make it a more intimate time for you and your honey. Your wedding is literally the day where you can do whatever you want and get away with it so whether you may your limo into a party bus or not is entirely up to you. The champagne that is usually provided inside the limo will not go to waste, no matter your decision I’m sure. If you are planning to take the limo to the wedding and then later to the reception, you may want to look into a split shift. You can save a lot of money by hiring by the hour. You may not get the same limo both times but you’ll save a lot of money.

Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
This one has to be a party bus, it’s the only way to go. You can even hire a high top limo that comes complete with a strip dancing pole and a disco ball. If you aren’t the wild kind, you can skip the raunchy party and use the limo to cruise around town, listening to your favorite tunes and hanging out with your favorite people. It’s a lot of fun to look out the tinted windows and see people peering at your ride trying to figure out if you’re someone famous.

A Formal Event
We’ve all seen the celebrities step out from their limousine service at the Grammy Awards or some other red carpet event. Why can’t we do it to? Maybe you’re attending some formal charity event or something of the kind; there’s nothing wrong with vamping up your style for the night and showing everyone that you plan to be generous with your money. Something about showing up in style makes people treat you with respect and courtesy. You’ll probably be taken care of and tended to all evening just to ensure that your wallet stays open for the auction.

Sweet 16
There’s no better way to celebrate your teenager hitting that prime age than with an alcohol free limousine ride. Have her and her friends get all dolled up and hire a limousine service to take them to her party. She’ll feel like she’s on top of the world and will love you forever. Those are the kinds of memories that don’t fade quickly. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that there is no alcohol in the limousine before letting them all get in. They are still underage, after all. If you tell the limo company it is for a sweet 16, most likely they will replace the champagne with sparkling cider or something appropriate for the girls to enjoy on their way to the party.

To and From O’Hare
Believe it or not, there are limo companies that specifically drive high class passengers to and from the airport in their limos. Why not join that group? There’s nothing that says only VIPs get to ride limos after a long flight. You may not have sat first class but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your ride to your hotel. If you are going to be visiting in Chicago, it’s a great way to start off the vacation of a life time.

You basically want to use a limo any time you want to make an impression or capture a memory. It’s a great way to enhance whatever is already going on. Transportation is just as important as the actual event sometimes and you want to make sure that everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves from start to finish.

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