Vacation Rentals Can Be Much More Than a Simple Hotel Room

Myrtle beach condo rentals

About the listing: A quaint house that backs up to a shared beach. Recently remodeled inside with a large kitchen and bonus room in the back. This house is walking distance to many great restaurants and bars, as well as the beach and walking trails.
Most recent review from guest: We loved all of the space and the great kitchen. Our daughter is a student and an athlete at a local college and she had just had ankle surgery. This was a great solution as a place to stay. She was able to have her own room were she could rest and study for her upcoming finals. She also had a beautiful view of the beach and the ocean when she just needed to rest and relax. We have been looking for a whole house rental option that was better than a hotel and this is it. We will definitely be booking this great location again!
Most recent review from host: This family was a great guest, very friendly and easy to communicate with. They left the place very clean and followed all the house procedures. We hope to have this family stay with us again in the future.
It is nice when things work out and everyone is happy. While hotels are often a great option for families who are vacationing, they do not always provide all of the space and the comfortableness of a home. Some families who have favorite vacation spots or destinations that they like to return to again and again find that renting places like beach condos allow them to get more out of their stay.
Beach Condos Allow Families to Enjoy More Living Space
Vacation rentals allow families to get to know their vacation destination more intimately. Instead of entering and exiting from hotel lobbies and parking lots, oceanfront condos allow travelers to wake up to the sound of the ocean right out their front door. Leisurely strolls to the local market can provide breakfasts that mimic what the locals eat or an opportunity to purchase fresh produce to eat in your own kitchen. Oceanfront condo rentals also allow larger groups to share the same living space. With rentals available in a variety of sizes, entire extended families can chose to all stay together under the same roof, or rent several units that are next door to each other.
In addition to the space and the convenience, rentals also allow families to enjoy everyday activities that they do not often have time for at home. Reading books on the front balcony, playing board games, or cooking together are all activities that are much easier to achieve in a rental property than a hotel. Beach condos often even come with many of the needed accessories that make a vacation even more fun. With fishing poles, surf boards, and lounge chairs, beach condos and their garages can offer many of the comforts of home while you are away on vacation.
Private properties that rent beach condos also offer a variety of other options. For example, some properties also have lazy rivers, hot tubs, and pools, in addition to convenient beach access. Public and private fire pits allow families to enjoy an evening around the campfire enjoying good conversation with new and old friends.
The most recent statistics indicate that nearly 25% of leisure travelers have stayed in a vacation home rental as an alternative to the more traditional hotel or resort during the past two years. Another 23% have stayed in a condominium resort. This travel option seems to be growing in popularity. In fact, 47% of leisure travelers indicate that they are interested in staying in a vacation home rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort during the next two years. More than 45% of those people planning for future stays are interested in staying at a condominium resort.
What are your family’s upcoming travel plans? If you are looking at traveling to a beach location, you might consider an option that is not a typical hotel. Family friendly beach condos allow travelers to enjoy the scenery while also having plenty of space to relax and live like the locals.

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