How to Build and Maintain an Eco-Friendly Hotel

eco-friendly hotel

As more consumers are becoming increasingly aware of climate change, the demand for sustainable green products and services is on the rise. This has created pressure on various organizations to launch campaigns that are aimed at addressing this demand and to provide resources as well as high-quality products and services that are viable in improving the deteriorating conditions of the environment.

The hospitality industry is one of the industries that are involved with this growing trend with more companies pursuing ways to enhance their rankings and acquire certifications that will attract prospective customers to their locations while enforcing a myriad of green practices and innovative solutions. However, becoming a reputable eco-friendly hotel involves more than installing smart showers and coming up with innovative ways for waste diversion and resources management, it requires constant adaptability and green best practices from the business’ products and services, supplies, maintenance as well as logistics that are aimed at ensuring optimal operational processes. While the primary objectives towards sustainable economic and environmental reforms include saving energy, waste reduction and decreasing water usage, there are other alternatives that a company can focus on to ensure that it achieves growth while satisfying all classes of its customers. This article will provide you with valuable considerations for building and maintaining an eco-friendly hotel. 

Building Materials

Whether you are planning to remodel your business or to build a new commercial structure for your eco-friendly hotel, eco-friendly construction is the best alternative to choose that can save your business money and the environment simultaneously. Deciding on a sustainable remodeling process can protect the local community and help you gain new patrons which will increase your competitive advantage tremendously. There are many eco-friendly building materials to use in the building process, and it is important to familiarize yourself with them beforehand. You would be surprised to find out that adopting green technology and techniques for your business can lower the amount of fossil fuels consumed daily and minimize waste.  The use of materials and processes that are environmentally conscious such as metal roofing for its durability and energy efficiency or commercial tile that ensures little to no maintenance can increase social and economic benefits for your business.

Similarly, many construction companies use natural or refined asphalt rock and combine it with other materials to be used for many purposes such as creating and developing electrical systems, adequate railway construction, as a substance used in certain paints and mixing it with coarse aggregates to create asphalt concrete. However, asphalt maintenance services are crucial to maximize the efficiency and durability of your eco-friendly hotel to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Routine maintenance is ideal to slow down the deterioration from natural elements such as the sun, water and air. You can consider using any of the types of maintenance necessary for your asphalt materials and other energy efficient materials to ensure that your commercial structure remains superior. But what other benefits are there for your eco-friendly hotel when its structure is made from eco-friendly building materials? The following are some of the other reasons that should make deciding on the types of materials to be used easier. 

Green building materials always incorporate features that ensure that a sufficient amount of efficient resources such as water and energy are used to their optimum capacity. For instance, if your commercial structure has old doors, they may be susceptible to leaks and allowing air to enter and the more air that gets inside your building, the more expensive the heating and cooling can be. However, if you install new construction doors for instance, your building will not only be safe, but it will be energy efficient by minimizing leaks which are directly linked to your heating and cooling system expenses. Operating and maintenance costs increase the lifetime costs of a building by a huge margin, so reducing such costs by using eco-friendly building materials can decrease these costs a great deal in the long term. 

Some conditions such as lighting, air quality, ergonomics and thermal conditions that are available inside a building are known to affect the indoor environment quality as well as the health of the occupants. Incorporating green building materials may reduce elements that are hazardous to environmental and physical health and can increase the overall quality of life. 

Some companies have opted to use water resources in an innovative and efficient way. Using other alternatives such as rainwater, installing specific plumbing fixtures and purification systems ensure that customers save water and that future generations can enjoy a reliable and clean water supply. Water efficiency is a significant factor in saving the environment. 

Using durable yet recyclable and reusable products and materials ensures the minimum use of materials without compromising on quality. Nowadays, construction companies are designing buildings that require fewer building materials and include processes that require the reduction of water, raw materials and energy as a way to achieve material efficiency. 

The benefits of green building materials for the construction of your eco-friendly hotel show that it is possible to meet all your construction needs without depleting the natural resources of the environment. 


Once you have figured out which building materials are going to be essential to meet the standards and outcome of your eco-friendly hotel, you need to consider the plumbing alternatives for an eco-friendly commercial structure. With more people using water and electricity globally, the building industry needs to come up with more innovative ways to implement eco-friendly methods. From the way that appliances and elements are installed to materials used in the infrastructural landscape as well as plumbing, the approaches need to be aimed towards eco-conscious solutions. Finding a plumping solution to meet your business eco-friendly goals goes beyond habit changing behaviors because it requires pushing conventional boundaries such as utilizing composite toilets to form part of your septic system, installing sprinklers that can detect water levels, using rainwater tanks and viable water testing resources to ensure that the water quality is exceptional for human consumption at all times. Other energy efficient and eco-conscious solutions include using filtering devices to prevent the build up of minerals that can become toxic such as calcium and magnesium in the plumbing system. These filter systems reduce the use of harmful chemicals to eradicate this potentially harmful buildup of some minerals. For energy efficiency in your plumbing needs the following are some several beneficial measures that can be taken.

When the time comes for replacing appliances, upgrading to eco certified appliances or using grey water tanks can save water while saving the environment. 

Trying our new things to solve maintenance issues such as toilets with more powerful flushing systems, faucets with adequate pressure options and shower heads designed for water conservation can be valuable. 

Using plumbing materials made out of eco-friendly products can minimize the amount of waste products that are flushed into the environment. 


The bulk doesn’t stop with the building and plumbing materials and systems. When a company integrates eco-friendly solutions, it requires the same standard of maintenance and cleaning services. Adopting cleaning and sanitation practices aimed at preventing the deterioration of the environment are just as important. Opting to use a commercial cleaning company that specializes in green cleaning by incorporating environmentally conscious equipment, products and techniques is essential. A company that focuses on reducing the use of pollutants and hazardous chemicals by mixing its biodegradable products on site can increase the trust that prospective customers have for your eco-friendly hotel.  The benefits of green cleaning services are many, and they can be summarized as follows. 

They can increase the air quality from using less harmful chemicals and allergens. 

They can produce chemical free and biodegradable waste that minimizes environmental impact. 

The types of products that are used, ensure that your property and furniture are protected from harmful chemicals. 

Eco-friendly equipment often comes with filters that can trap smaller particles of dirt and dust to avoid them being released into the air. Moreover, conventional cleaning equipment such as mops and cloths are now made from materials such as polyester microfiber that use a static charge to attract dirt and particles and can be used with plain water to lessen chemical use.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company that uses natural and green cleaning products not only supports a clean and healthy environment, but it also works out as a cost-effective solution to keep your eco-friendly hotel safe and clean from harmful substances. You can always find out if a prospective cleaning company has a green policy if you are having trouble with deciding on whether their services are aligned with your environmentally conscious business approach. 

Energy Use

Using natural resources to generate energy is one of the most significant aspects of life. However, even though these resources are naturally occurring, they can be depleted if their use is not reassessed and regulated. While human engineering ingenuity on the use of energy resources keeps on evolving, there is still more to be learned regarding the development and installation of alternative energy resources. There is a growing demand for energy supply across the globe because of factors such as population growth and industrialization, as a result the reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and oil has a negative effect on the environment. The increased amount of carbon dioxide emissions that heighten the greenhouse effect has countries and organizations alike trying to find ways to use renewable sources of energy as viable options to adversely reduce the global climate change crisis. As a business owner it is important to utilize service providers that practice eco-friendly solutions and natural resources to generate the amount of energy that is required to keep your business going. For instance, having a reliable commercial electrical services provider who can install solar panels that can be used for your energy needs can help improve your eco-friendly hotel electricity system. Generating your energy from solar panels can eliminate the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere while lessening the effects of power grid failures due to heavy pressure on electrical power systems. 

Other things that you need to consider when you are running an eco-friendly hotel include the type of air conditioning system that is being used and the type of light fixtures that are installed. HVAC systems are one of the leading power guzzlers in America, and they have influenced businesses to adopt improved and energy saving resources to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions for their customers. While solar HVAC systems are still increasing their popularity, business owners should not ignore the many benefits that they come with. Solar heating and cooling systems are beneficial for lowering utility bills and increasing property value, and they are easy to install. Additionally, when you run a commercial business such as an eco-friendly hotel, you run the risk of using a lot of power to keep the place running day and night. Using LED light fixtures and bulbs can help reduce the amount of energy that is used to light up the building while providing you with higher quality lighting that requires lower maintenance. Using a solar system as part of your business strategy affords you clean and renewable energy that does not contribute to polluting the environment to ensure sustainability. 

Ensuring that your eco-friendly hotel is able to meet the requirements and uphold the standards for an environmentally conscious commercial structure needs more than creating campaigns that are aimed at addressing the challenges that the environment faces. It requires essential planning, the procurement of adequate building materials, effective plumbing services and solutions, green cleaning products and services as well as utilizing natural resources that are ideal and beneficial towards lessening the carbon footprint. While some companies may be reluctant to change their business practices in fear of incurring expenses, the long term benefits towards making the shift towards eco-friendly solutions for day to day business operations are not only aimed at improving revenue growth, but they can ensure that future generations are also protected. 

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