Check Out These 3 Sioux Falls Attractions On Your Next Family Vacation

Sioux falls campground

Although many people think of the United State’s Midwest as a barren wasteland of corn fields and nothingness, there are many great attractions in Sioux Falls SD for example. Located a few blocks from today?s downtown district, Sioux Falls is named after the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River and the Sioux tribe of American Indians that once controlled the land.

Everyone goes to places like Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and Europe for vacation rentals, try something different and check out these Sioux Falls attractions and the many more things it has to offer.

  1. Falls Park: If you’re into nature and the outdoors there might be no better Sioux Falls attractions than Falls Park. This particular park has trails and waterfalls where the river flows over many tiers of Sioux quartzite. Despite the fact that camping is a $15 billion industry, there is no Sioux Falls camgrounds onsite here. However, it still offers the most popular activity to partake in while camping, which is hiking.
  2. Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove: It might sound like a somewhat odd combination (butterfly’s and marine life?), but the Sertoma House is truly one of the most relaxing and serendipitous of Sioux Falls attractions. Bask in the beauty of over 800 free-flying butterflies from around the world and check out the hundreds of different marine life and corals throughout the over 10,000 gallons of aquariums. A perfect option for the winter or colder months!
  3. Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History: With over 1,000 animals to admire, the Great Plains Zoo is a great place for fun family vacations. Add in the fact that the Delbridge Museum of Natural History features one of the world’s rarest collection of mounted animals, including 36 “vanishing species,” and this is one of Sioux Falls attractions you’re not going to want to miss.

Don’t let the stigma of the Midwest dissuade you. There are plenty of wonderful options for a family fun vacation in places like Sioux Falls. These are just a few.

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