Three Things You Have to Think About Before You Camp

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New York campgrounds are beautiful getaways year-round (although wintertime camping is not for the faint of heart!) From the clean air of the remote Adirondacks, to the deep woods of Hudson Valley to the calm beauty of the Finger Lakes, it’s hard to go wrong with New York campgrounds when choosing a place for you or your family. However, the key to a successful camping getaway is planning. Consider the following factors before you find yourself up a creek without a paddle!

What Kind of Camping Do You Want to Do?

Are you the kind of independent spirit who thinks nothing of trekking through the deep woods and pitching a tent on the first patch of soft ground? Or are you planning for a family of four that includes a toddler glued to their iPad? A group of friends looking to hang out for a long weekend by a mountain lake? The kind of campgrounds you want to search for heavily depend on these factors. For the family, consider cabin camping or licensed camp sites with facilities. For the backpacker, almost any trail will do with proper research.

After you find a campground or location, decide how many days and nights you and those accompanying you would like to stay.

Once you determine what kind of camping you want to do (and book your spot, if necessary), the next step is to figure out what you’ll need to bring. There are a few supplies you will need for virtually any camping environment, including, but not limited to:

  1. Bug spray
  2. Non-perishable food such as jerky, canned goods, granola, etc.
  3. Medicine such as aspirin; peroxide and bandages
  4. Water in sturdy, reusable bottles or canteens
  5. Matches or other fire starters
  6. Proper footwear and layered clothing for unexpected weather changes
  7. Biodegradable wipes, hand sanitizer and feminine sanitary products
  8. A dependable flashlight

The other gear you will need again depends or the quality and duration of your camping trip. Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and other gear will very in size and number based on your trip. Consider also how you’re going to pack and transport everything you need to your camping location. Remember to pack the essentials and eliminate clunky, unnecessary items!


What are you going to do once you set up in your beautiful campground of choice? Some people go the traditional route with s’mores and hot dogs (or the the adult version with brews and more brews) and campfire stories. Some people want to continue the adventure and go kayaking and hiking. Others prefer creature comforts like hot chocolate and trip down a short trail to the sauna. Whatever your passion, remember to search for the campgrounds or areas that fit with what you want to do and pack accordingly!

With proper planning, any trip to New York campgrounds will be full of possibility! More.

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