Reasons to Travel by Charter Bus

There are many ways to get from point A go to the end point B. One of the best is traveling by bus charter. Motorcoach companies know how to deliver a comfortable and safe experience so that you and your group can be sure to get to your destination together and as relaxed as possible. There are quite a few reasons to consider a coach bus the next time you need to take a group somewhere, and here are just a few of them.

Motorcoach Travel Is Comfortable

A coach bus can provide comfortable seats for travelers, with both more legroom and more headroom than anything you would experience on an airplane or even on a train. On the average coach bus, all the seats recline and every seat has foot rests. Motorcoaches are equipped with restrooms and most have DVD players and screens so that everyone can be entertained along the way. Many modern coach buses have electrical outlets so that you can plug in your laptop, recharge your cell phone, watch something on a personal DVD player, or use other small electronic devices. More and more motorcoach companies are equipping their vehicles with Wi-Fi connections so that everyone can write reports, surf the web, check email, or do any other important work while they travel.

Motorcoach Travel Is Environmentally Friendly

A coach bus delivers approximately 206 passenger miles for every gallon of fuel it burns. In contrast, commuter rail can only provide 92 passenger miles per gallon, and commercial airline flights are only 44 passenger miles per gallon. A single passenger automobile gets approximately 27 miles to the gallon per passenger. Furthermore, coach buses are three times more efficient compared to commuter rail and six times more efficient than a regular transit bus when it comes to CO2 output.

Coach Bus Transportation Is Convenient to Arrange

There are many motorcoach companies to choose from, and a huge number of buses, minibuses, and mini coaches available to rent. The motorcoach industry is made up of approximately 3,400 motorcoach companies qualifying as small businesses. There are at least 33,400 vehicles available for sightseeing, airport shuttle services, tours, and charter. Travel by passenger bus is also one of the fastest-growing segments of passenger travel in the United States. This segment of travel increased by 7.5% between 2011 and 2012, according to a study by the American Bus Association.

A Rental Bus Trip Is Good for the Economy

When a motorcoach rolls into town, it infuses tourist dollars into the whole community. One chartered bus spending just one night in a particular destination can generate more than $11,500 for the local economy. Every one dollar that motorcoach companies invest in getting new charter buses will end up generating approximately $1.65 of spending throughout the economy. Travel by motorcoach, both by tourists and others, generates approximately $55 billion worth of economic transactions every year. The demand for services and for goods that is created by charter bus travel, as well as sales of new motor coaches and related equipment, employes close to 800,000 people in America.

Travel by Charter Bus Is Cost-Effective And Reaches Everywhere

The motorcoach is the only way of getting from city to city for more than 14 million people in the United States who live in rural areas. These are places where rail service does not reach and where commercial airlines do not fly. In terms of cost, motorcoach travel accounts for only six cents of federal subsidies for every passenger trip. Compare that to commercial air carriers, where each passenger trip takes up $4.32 in federal subsidies. Public transit costs $0.77 per passenger trip, and Amtrak rail travel costs $46.06 in taxpayer subsidies per passenger.

Traveling by charter bus is a great choice. It is both convenient and comfortable, good for the environment, good for the economy, and ensures that you and your group arrive together and rested at your destination. If you need to take a group of people somewhere soon, check out motorcoach companies near you to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of bus travel.

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