Are you Doing Miami Beach Wrong?

Miami beach condo rentals

14 million people visit Miami Beach every year, but are they really getting the most out of their trip? Miami Beach may seem like just a seaside getaway for spring breakers, but it offers even more to the discerning traveler.

Paying a little extra for luxury rentals is often well worth the price. Penthouse vacation rentals offer amazing views and luxury features, as well as the space and security of a home away from home. Luxury condos rentals offer similar benefits and also come with pools, hot tubs and gym access. Large vacation rental homes can be great for traveling with family or friends, especially if everyone wants room to spread out after a long day at the beach.

While you’re on the beach, keep an eye out for shiny things. Pirates like Blackbeard and Gasparilla were rumored to stash treasure along the Miami coast, and many beachcombing vacationers have turned up silver and gold. Gasparilla in particular was rumored to have millions stashed away in the cays and coves of the Miami coast. Bring a metal detector if you’re feeling particularly lucky. Who knows what you’ll find?

If you’re ready for a day away from the surf, don’t spend it watching HBO in your vacation rentals. Visit the Vizcaya museum to view artwork over 2,000 years old and explore the beautiful historical grounds and gardens.

Or walk around the city spotting art deco architecture. A trip up Ocean Drive and Collins Ave on the eastern coastline will take you past many of the city’s gorgeous buildings. Finish your tour at the Bass Museum of art, which itself is an art deco masterpiece covered in fossilized paleolithic coral.

Remember, sunning on the beach is great, but be sure to enjoy everything Miami Beach has to offer! More info like this.

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