How New York, Delaware, and New Jersey Can Offer You a Great Family Vacation

Great vacation getaways

Take a look at your calendar. Do you notice that the weeks are dwindling away too? There’s literally only another month left of the summer, and you have probably been pushing your vacation plans off, thinking that you have a lot of time left.

Well, you don’t, so start looking up great vacations for families as soon as you can. You may not have enough time to book a trip out in the Caribbean or somewhere halfway across the world, but not to worry, there are plenty of fantastic vacation getaways right here in the good old U. S. of A.

Here are few places you can take your family.


  • Niagara Falls. Did you know that Niagara Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world? For people in the U.S., it’s the closest one, and also the one that everyone says they will go to see “eventually.” Instead of leaving that ambiguous term out there, put together you clan and head out to see some of the most amazing falls in the world. You can take your children on the Maid of the Mist, a boat ride that gets you up close and personal with the falls, and some of the mini-falls will leave you drenched. There are also plenty of mini rides, food vendors, and attractions to keep your children busy. Niagara falls may be one of the best vacation spots in New York.
  • Bethany Beach. Delaware vacations may not seem like an ideal place to add to your list of possibilities, but the state offers great vacations for families along the coast. Bethany Beach is situated along the eastern edge of the state, and is a little off-the-beat, offering less crowded shorelines, but just as much fun. There are plenty of eateries, and shops, and Funland, an amusement park just outside the town, is a short ride away.
  • CoCo Key Water Resort. Who ever said New Jersey travel and tourism wasn’t worth it? Located close to the middle of the state, Mt. Laurel is home to one of the most exciting water park resorts. The entire park is indoors, and there are a number of different adventures you can take with your family on winding rivers, four-story-high slides, spas, and many more splashy activities. There won’t be a dry body in the building.
  • So, pack your bags, print out your itinerary, and make the most of the last days of summer before it’s too late.

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