Why Apps Like Uber Aren’t As Disruptive As Silicon Valley Claims

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If you buy into the Silicon Valley doublespeak, then mobile apps like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the transportation industry forever. No more will travelers have to wait one or two minutes for airport limousine service. Never again will you have to suffer through a ride in a professional car or limousine service that utilizes oppressive tactics like background checks and car insurance requirements.

Now, thanks to the magic of smartphones, consumers can take out their phones and use a mobile app to request a ride from a driver. You see, in olden times, when consumers needed to find a cab or book airport limousine service, they had to actually take out their phones and dial a phone number. Truly, they were barbaric times. But no more! Now, transportation has been disrupted.

Obviously, many consumers find that ride sharing mobile apps provide utility, and among hip urbanites, such mobile apps have proved useful in cutting down on drunk driving. But in reality, the services haven’t proved quite as revolutionary as all the hype would have you believe. Plus, they’re facing a host of legal challenges in cities all over the world, where authorities argue so-called disruption is nothing more than unregulated, under-insured, illegal taxis.

For those who believe there really should be an app for everything, it must be convenient to book a cab on their smartphones. Despite the fact that you could have accomplished the same thing with a phone call, the success of these companies are proof enough that they filled a real need among consumers. Of course, most cab companies, corporate shuttle services, and airport limousine services have mobile apps now, too.

For professionals, business travelers, and executives who want to know that their driver underwent a background check, corporate limousine services are still their best bet. Executive airport limousine services and professional chauffeurs almost always have the proven safety records and experience to deliver passengers to their destination on time and in style.

For young, urban, creative professionals looking to save money, peer-to-peer apps might offer cost savings, but for those who simply want the best, most reliable transportation in the industry, professional limo service is still the finest option available.

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