Going Camping But Hate Nature? These 3 Tips Are for You

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Family camping trips have long been heralded as fun days to spend with friends and family, bonding and relaxing, and getting in some good quality time with nature. But let’s be honest: not everyone wants to take cold showers and sleep in a tent for a week — which is why so many people automatically say that they hate camping, without really knowing that there are plenty of other options that appeal to even the least outdoorsy of people.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to make any family camping trip fun and enjoyable, even if you prefer to keep nature at a distance:

  • You may have heard about “glamping,” i.e., glamorous camping, which is possibly as far removed from traditional camping as possible. This has become a pretty big trend recently, although many people argue that there’s no point in calling it camping at all, while other people argue that it’s just too much work. But there are plenty of campsites and services that will have all the necessary (and glamorous) camping equipment needed — it couldn’t be any easier or more affordable!

  • Also keep in mind that even if you’re not into “glamping,” you don’t have to rough it in the woods in order to get a cool camping experience. Many campsites have a variety of different lodgings which would be perfect for family or groups of friends; between A-frames, cabins, and campers, you can find a rustic lodging choice that fits well with your outdoor comfort level.

  • Last but not least, many people find camping to be stressful and frustrating simply because they aren’t totally prepared for minor emergencies. It’s a good idea to organize your things well before you set out on your trip, and you can even try to find a campground near a big town if it makes you feel more comfortable knowing that civilization is a close drive away.

Ultimately, if you remember to have fun and stay focused on the enjoyable activities, any family camping trip can be a great vacation!

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