3 Great Ways to Make Your Family the Envy of the Campground

Silver lake sand dunes camping

Camping is one of the best ways to build family values and enjoy the company of your loved ones. In 2011, about 42 million people went camping, and almost 70% of these trips were on public campgrounds.

Even when we are relaxing to the chirping of birds and clearing our minds, there’s always a competition to have more fun than the family next to you. Here are three great ways to make sure that your family camping trip is one that you will never forget:

    Tell your family to “take a hike”. A lot of families put pressure on themselves to stay in one area and tell stories around the campfire. While that’s always fun, it’s important to take in the scenery and explore your surroundings. Usually when you tell someone to “take a hike”, you want them as far away from you as possible. That’s the whole idea of taking actual hikes with your family when you’re camping. Getting away from the campground lets you enjoy everything the area has to offer and experience every little nook and cranny of nature.

    Get an RV and extend your trip. Most camping trips are cut short when everybody starts getting eaten up by mosquitoes and complaining about the heat. In fact, nearly 70% of tent campers only have one or two night outings. If you rent or buy an RV, you’ll stay cool and away from the bugs when you need some time away from nature. About 28% of RV campers spend five or more nights on their trip, so it’s well worth the investment to maximize the time you spend with your family.

    Bring some friends. Everybody loves spending time with their family, but sometimes you need somebody on the outside to lighten up the mood and kick the fun levels up a notch. You may look around your campground and see families who end up getting sick of each other after one day. Don’t let that happen to your family. Encourage your kids to bring their friends along, or bring your own friends to spice up the trip.

By using these three quick tips and brainstorming your own ways to customize your trip, you can have a better experience than anyone else on the campground. Bringing the family together for unique experiences like this are the things you’ll remember most later in life.

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