The Smoky Mountains A Great Vacation Anytime of Year

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Smoky Mountains? Over 11 million people visit Gatlinburg, Tn each year for their vacation, which was the most of any of our 59 National Parks in 2016. To find out what makes this National Park so popular, read below.

What to Do: Beautiful Trails and Sightseeing.

Hiking one of the trails at the Smoky Mountains will be memorable. To make sure it is enjoyable as well, it is important to choose a hiking trail that suits your ability. You’re sure to have plenty of options, as the National park boasts over 800 miles total. The shortest trail is about half a mile, with the longest running to nearly 70 miles in length.

While the scenery is beautiful, this is no walk in your neighborhood park. Depending on the trail you chose, the elevation can change quite a bit from the beginning of the trail to its highest point. Be prepared by packing water, sunscreen, a compass, and comfortable hiking shoes. It’s okay to choose a trail that seems easy; the scenery isn’t going anywhere.

Where to Stay: The Hardest Part Is Choosing.

The Smoky Mountain lodges and hotels downtown are both great options for your stay. Choosing whether to stay in one of the hotels downtown means you’ll be closer to the many museums, aquarium, and dining options. The city also offers sky high adventures in the form of the Aerial Tramline and the Gatlinburg Sky Lift. Both will give you the best views of the city.

If the hotels downtown do not tempt you, a stay in one of the vacation lodges will put you and your party closer to the trails if that is your main reason for visiting. The scenery is lovely, so allow plenty of time for pictures. The time of year you visit will dictate what to pack in terms of clothing items.

When to Go: What Sites Do You Want to See?

Anytime of year is suitable for visiting. However, if there is a specific event you or your family would enjoy, it is better to do a little planning. For example, the most popular time to visit the Smoky Mountains National Park is during late September through October. Tourists enjoy walking the trails while the leaves turn colors of gold, red, and brown.

After the stunning colors of fall, winter comes and with it the rain and snow. The months of December, January, and February can also be a wonderful time to visit. The trails will be less populated, and the absence of the leaves means you can see farther down the snow strewn paths.

March thru the summer months give visitors plenty of blooming flora. The dogwoods and trees begin to put out their leaves, and when the summer months come the shade from the trees is a pleasant respite from the sun.

A trip to the Gatlinburg, Tn National Park will certainly be a memorable one. To maximize your enjoyment, here are a few tips. Choose a trail based on your ability. Remember to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. And whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy some of the local attractions.

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