Preparing for Your Honeymoon in Italy

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Of all the beautiful and historic places to spend a honeymoon, Italy remains one of the most popular. Why is this? The best honeymoon spots offer euphoric and memorable experiences that captivate all the senses. These places must be visually stunning, flavorful in their culinary options, charming in their authenticity, and filled with things to do each day.
Most areas of Italy meet these requirements and go the extra mile. But even if you’re already planning a trip to Italy, whether for a honeymoon or otherwise, it’s good to be prepared in every way possible. More specifically, it’s good to have an idea of what there is to do during your stay. So here are just four incredible ways to spend your honeymoon in Italy and make it a trip to remember!

1) Stay in a Boutique Hotel

The first step to planning any trip like this is deciding on where you’ll stay. There is no shortage of places to stay in Italy, since so many people want to visit for various reasons, but the best hotels in Italy are those with character and an air of authenticity. Boutique hotels fit this bill. For those unfamiliar, boutique hotels are generally smaller hotels (with fewer rooms) with unique characters. These hotels often blend in well with their surrounding atmosphere, creating an authentic space that is unique to the region. The culture and heritage of the region often reflects in the architecture, food offerings, and overall aesthetic of the hotel. For a robust and authentic honeymoon, boutique hotels are the places to stay.

2) Side Street Dining

There is more than one way to feel you’re getting an authentic, local experience on your Italian honeymoon, however. While your hotel is a big part of this equation, the places you dine are important as well. Italy is known for its rich cuisine, so there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to explore during your stay. While some of the larger, more well-known restaurants are always hits with tourists, it’s also a good idea to check out some of the smaller, locally owned restaurants on the streets. These places often offer food just as delectable as the food you’d get at one of the bigger places, plus you’ll get more local flavor and a more intimate experience.

3) Wine Tours

If Italy is most well-known for its food, it’s equally as known for its vineyards. Wine is an important part of Italian dining culture, so you’d be remiss to not experience it for yourself while you visit. Florence is the hub of Italy’s wine culture. The city offers daily coach win tours to get you from vineyard to vineyard. You could also choose to walk, bike, rent a car, or catch a ride with some other folks looking to take in the scents and flavors of the best wine Italy has to offer. Going on an organized wine tour bring with it the advantage of teaching you a thing or two about both the wines of the region and some history as well. So if you’re looking to be educated and cultured on your honeymoon, going on one of these wine tours is a fun and memorable adventure.

4) Take in the History

Learning some cultural history via wine tour is a good start to learning more about your surroundings, but it’s just the beginning of what can become an even more educational experience. Every area of Italy has some sort of history with it reaching centuries back to the Roman empire and even further before that. The architecture of Italy alone carries with it much of this history. Traveling to Rome, Venice, and Pompeii will reveal an incredible history of power, destruction, beauty, art, and perseverance. For a more detailed understanding of Italy’s history, book a tour with a professional guide or historian to walk you through the most prominent and historical areas of the country. You might not have the time to see everything during your stay, but you can at least take in the richness of what you’re able to witness.

These are just four things to do during your honeymoon or visit to Italy. The list goes on, but these four ideas are great places to start for the trip of a lifetime!

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