Is a Horse-Drawn Carriage a Must When Visiting Charleston?

Charleston buggy tours

Horse and buggy rides carry a certain allure. The nostalgia of a slower time period is easier to feel when taking one of the cities many carriage tours. While there are plenty of activities that you and the family can partake in during your vacation that doesn’t include a barnyard animal, this type of tour is popular for a reason. To find out how to pick the best one for your vacation, read below.

One of America’s Oldest Cities: A Brief History.

The city of Charleston, South Carolina was founded over 300 years ago in 1670 as a colonial seaport. Over the next 100 years the small coastal town boomed into a wealthy city. Because of its establishment as a seaport, Charleston was known as a cultural hotbed.

Of course, Charleston is perhaps remembered in part today as the birthplace of the fictional character Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. According to the official Charleston, S.C. website, the Civil War is said to have officially begun in April of 1861 when Confederate troops fired on the Union soldiers occupying Fort Sumpter, which is located in Charleston Harbor.

Although the city’s buildings took a beating from the ravages of the war, the city rebuilt its most famous pieces of architecture. It is the carefully preserved historical sites that really make the city’s horse and buggy rides, not to mention the many walking tours, a big draw.

Not All Horse and Buggy Rides Are the Same: What to Ask Before Booking.

The horse drawn carriage rides you might be imagining are the little two seaters pictured in romantic comedy movies. Many of the tours in Charleston are able to seat anywhere from two to 16 people. This makes it an attractive option for families.

When traveling in a group, it is necessary to remember the needs of each group member. A family of four might mean two healthy adults and two teenage children who have no trouble walking a few miles. But if your group includes very small children whose small legs will get tired before the mile mark, or an elderly parent who may not appreciate the Southern heat, a carriage ride might be preferable.

Before you book a carriage, ask the representative how many seats are in the carriage. Ask if the ride allows you to get out of the carriage to get a closer look, or if there will be bathroom breaks. Also, make sure you understand the cancellation policy.

The Sights and Sounds: What You’ll See On Horse and Buggy Rides.

Charleston established its first museum in 1773. Already, the citizens of the town realized they needed to preserve the seaport’s rich history. Because the Historic District is so vast, no one tour will be able to cover all of it in one day. Your driver is your guide, and they are a wealth of information about the buildings, history, and traditions of the area.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Charleston, S.C. each year. As one of America’s oldest cities, this Atlantic seaport is full of stories that are apart of history. If you’re looking for a new place to visit this summer, consider this Southern city. And maybe book one of the many horse and buggy rides while you’re there.

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