How To Find A Cheap Business Class Flight To Europe This Summer

Flying business class

Ah, summer in Europe is absolutely beautiful. People are out and about walking and enjoying the beautiful weather. They enjoy street foods and street cafes, ride bikes, and the landscape is like something out of a dream. The weather is gorgeous and not too hot, and there is just something so special about charming about Europe in the summer.

However, flying to Europe if you are in North America or somewhere that would warrant a lengthy flight time, you might want to consider flying business class so you can feel a little more comfortable. Business class seats are bigger, the food is amazing, and the amenities are much better than flying in economy seating. However, they can cost a pretty penny if you don?t know how to look for discounted business class flights!

Here are five tricks to finding cheap business class flights to Europe this summer! You?ll simply fall in love with the experience of flying business class and then stepping off into your dream European destination.

1. Get a premium credit card

There are many credit cards that allow for travel perks, like racking up travel miles and then getting to cash in on tickets, which can make you either pay nothing for them or get them at a much cheaper price thanks to your points. Sometimes these credit cards partner with airlines to run specials, such as two-for-one tickets and such, which can score you a sweet deal on business class flights for you and a friend.

2. Call your airline about lower prices

Thinking of flying business class to London? Try calling your favorite airline and asking to see what their lower ticket prices are. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, you might be able directly to call the airline and have them tell you what they think the best day to travel could be. According to Ed Perkins of, “Several major airlines have cut business-class fares more than 50 percent.” He gave this piece of advice to USA Today, and it?s a great tip to keep in mind when you?re trying to ask for time off and plan a summer vacation. The only thing with going this route is that your tickets might not be refundable, and limited to only certain days. But still, you can save major bucks on your business class airfare.

3. Don’t fly a major airline

Does a business class flight to Paris sound like a good idea? Over 70 million tourists visited Paris last year, and it can be an incredible destination for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. Especially in the summer when Paris warms up and you two can go stroll through the parks and gardens, go on a boat ride, and see the Eiffel Tower. You might be able to fly to Paris on a lesser-known airline and still have a great time! These lesser-known airlines will have lower fares to being with, which means business class tickets will also be cheaper. If you and your partner want to see the City of Light this summer, you should definitely consider this option.

Traveling to Europe this summer can be a great experience for the whole family! In fact, 37 percent of families say traveling makes them happy, and about 30.78 million U.S. citizens traveled overseas in 2014. People want to experience the most out of life, and there is nothing like seeing the world. Book a trip to Europe today and maybe get to see somewhere magical like London, Paris, Rome, or Amsterdam!

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