What Is The Perfect Kind Of Campground For Your Family?

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In 2010, about 40 million people went camping in the US, and 13 percent of adults who went camping had gone on the trip in order to spend more quality time with their families.

If you’re thinking of taking your family on a camping trip as a family vacation, you have to make quite a few decisions. Do you want to take your family to a campground or to a camp resort? What is the difference?

If you choose a campground, would you want to go camping near a lake? Perhaps you want to stay away from water and want to visit a resort with its own amenities.

Here are five different campgrounds and experiences that you can think about for your family. Are they the type to want to pitch tents? To take photos? To enjoy water sports?

1. A camping resort

A camping resort takes the best of both worlds and brings them together. Here, your family can have some of the experience of camping, such as engaging in outdoor sports, roasting marshmallows and making smores, and telling scary stories around the campfire. However, your family can opt to rent a cabin instead of pitching a tent, and there are also amenities like a pool, water activities, and other games and fun activities your children can enjoy, hosted by the resort.

2. Lakeside campgrounds

If your family is one to really enjoy nature, and you’re looking for something picturesque and serene, a camping near a lake could be your best bet. Here, you can go swimming, boating, fishing, and even kayaking with your family. If you think they would really enjoy these water sports, a lakeside campground might be your perfect fit. Camping near a lake offers such a beautiful scene to wake up to, with sunrise reflecting on the water, and everything looking like it’s straight out of a tranquil dream. It’s almost too surreal! About 70 percent of camping is done in public campgrounds, and there are so many different areas of the US to choose from for where to pitch your tent! Lakeside campgrounds are full of serene beauty, like breathtaking sunsets and sunrises reflected on the water, and it serves as the perfect backdrop for a ride on your kayak or small boat.

3. Wooded campgrounds

Tent camping definitely has its perks, and choosing to pitch a tent in a wooded area can be fun for the whole family. If your children really enjoy nature, choosing an area with a lot of trees can be fun and interesting for them. It’s also very beautiful, and you will probably get to see a nice amount of wildlife. Collect leaves and press them in a book for your children to remember the experience when they are older. Your family can roast marshmallows and other warm foods over a campfire, all while listening to the sounds of the night. You can see shooting stars and all the constellations outside, thanks to no air pollution from big cities, and it will be amazing for your children to experience the vastness and beauty of the night sky.

There are perks to every different kind of campground, and these are only three different kinds of camping experiences. Whether you choose to go tent camping or opt for a resort where you can happily park your RV, your family is guaranteed to have a good time. Your experience might include a more luxurious take on camping, with access to a pool, splashpark, and other activities for your child. Instead, it might include camping near a lake with some time spent swimming and fishing, or it might include laying down at night and watching for shooting stars.

The best part about camping is that each time you go, you will have a different, amazing experience. Choosing to go with your family is a great way to bond, have fun, and make memories together.

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