The College Student’s Guide to the Best Summer Ever

Nm rentals santa fe

For many college students, summer can be a time consumed mostly by missing your friends, dreading the return to your childhood home, and yearning for the start of the next academic year. One way to avoid these summer woes, however, is by looking into a summer vacation rentals with your friends. Summer vacation rentals can be found all over the country, and many are way more affordable than you think. Instead of being stuck at home, you can spend your school break enjoying the weather, bonding with your friends, and relaxing from the hectic schedule of the school year. If you’re in the market for a summer vacation rental home, keep these 5 tips in mind to find the best property available.
1) Location, Location, Location Without a doubt, the most important consideration about homes for vacation rental is their location. If you love the beach, focus your search on the coasts, but don’t be afraid to go a little inland. Oftentimes just being a few more miles from the beach can save you big bucks while keeping you close to what you love. If you love the desert feel, consider a place like Sante Fe that features 250 art galleries, 13 museums, and 10 golf courses. Talk about a summer of fun!
2) Don’t Bust Your Budget You may be surprised at just how affordable some summer vacation rentals can be. If you search for the cheapest vacation rentals, you can oftentimes find places that specialize in folks on a budget. Keep in mind that if you are going in on a summer vacation home with friends, you will be splitting the cost, so the more the merrier!
3) Pick Your Roommates Wisely Just like with choosing your school year apartment, be smart about who you include in your search for summer vacation rentals. There are many vacation rental tips, but picking the right people is absolutely critical. You want this summer to be amazing and that means being honest about what roommates might just bring the drama instead of the fun. Set good boundaries, and you will have a great summer.
4) Prioritize Perks When looking into vacation rental deals, it is a good idea to focus on properties that come with perks. There are lots of luxury condos that provide things like free WiFi, air conditioning, and televisions to maximize your comfort. Don’t forget to look for a property with off-street parking. Many condos offer this perk now to help keep your car safe during your stay.
5) Have Fun Don’t forget that this is all about fun! There is a very limited time in your life when you get to prioritize living with your friends and enjoying yourself. When college ends and the real world begins, it will be much more difficult to get away for 3 months of fun in the sun with your favorite people. Don’t let the search process get you down!

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