Customers Would Choose One Airline Over Another Based On This Simple Technological Addition

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Customers take their travel options seriously. Why wouldn’t they? Spending one’s hard-earned cash on plane travel that doesn’t deliver on the basics is a surefire way to become disillusioned and quick. When you don’t want to indirectly drive your client base toward your competitors, you need to stay updated on what the average traveler wants to get out of their experience. Comfort, entertainment and reliability are just a few of the basics that are becoming more standardized with each passing moment.

IFE systems are an irreplaceable part of the in-flight experience. Without a high-quality aircraft display in place, you could be losing more customers by the day.

People Love To Travel By Plane

Why do people travel by plane? Because it’s fast, safe and convenient. It’s estimated as many as eight million people fly on a daily basis. The year 2013 brought some of the most impressive passenger numbers in a while, hitting over three billion and breaking a world record. Direct spending by both resident and international travelers in the United States also sees $2 billion every day. That’s over $100 million every hour and nearly $2 million per minute.

There’s Always A Reason To Fly

No matter the customer, you need to be attentive to their needs and why they chose your airline in the first place. More than three out of four domestic trips are taken for general leisure purposes, whether it’s visiting family or heading out on vacation. Many customers, however, travel for business reasons and rely on the functionality of their aircraft to make their trips less stressful. When you install IFE systems, you give customers more and more ways to enjoy your services.

Let Customers Tell You What They Need

Rather than assume what customers both need and want, let them speak for themselves. Studies have shown over 40% of airline passengers will watch movies on their flight — IFE systems are paired with in flight entertainment companies that offer a wide variety of films and shows for customers to enjoy during their stay. Another 20% of airline passengers like to read and an additional 17% or so will sleep. Comfortable seating, aircraft display systems…they’re all part of a larger package.

Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Lose You Customers

You know what customers like to do while on the airplane. What don’t they like? According to a 2013 Air Travel Survey conducted by TripAdvisor, over 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another depending on the wi-fi service. This same survey also saw nearly 40% viewing an iPad or tablet carry-on as an essential. Last, but not least, just shy of 60% used their smartphones to stay up-to-date on flight status alerts.

Does Your Airline Have IFE Systems Installed?

When customers take their travel options seriously, so too should you think of all the ways you can make your airline an unforgettable experience. Aircraft interiors need to be accessible and luxurious, allowing people the option to sleep or watch a movie in equal comfort. Direct spending on leisure travel by both domestic and international travelers reached an astonishing $645 billion back in 2014. The travel business is booming. With technology making it easier than ever to stay entertained and connected, there’s no excuse not to provide your customers the very best in aircraft interior products.

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