4 Reasons to Travel By Chartered Bus With Your Organization

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Do you travel frequently with teams, clubs, or organizations? If so, you probably struggle finding the right transportation to use each trip that you take. You want to find the most affordable way to travel as a group, but you also want to find a transportation method that is efficient. In the past, perhaps you have tried flying to different locations or driving in multiple cars to your destination. Those options can be costly, can put wear and tear on your cars, and can take longer than necessary. Instead of opting for less efficient options, consider a motorcoach rental for your next trip.

Interested in learning more about coach bus transportation and why it may be the most efficient way for you organization to travel? Keep reading for information on chartered buses and how this method of traveling will benefit your organization.

4 Reasons to Choose to Travel By a Chartered Bus

You may never have heard about the option to travel by a chartered bus before. Instead, you were choosing less efficient travel methods like the car or airplanes. Here are four reasons why traveled by a chartered bus is the best way for organizations to get to the places they need to go.

1. Bus schedule

One of the best things about traveling by a chartered bus is the ability to make your own bus schedule. This explains why more than 751,000,000 people choose to travel by a motorcoach every single year. When traveling with nearly every other option, you?re restricted by timeframes and schedules. However, when traveling on a chartered motorcoach, you can set the bus schedule. It doesn?t leave without you, and you don?t get fined for not sticking to a certain bus schedule. Instead, you decide when to leave, when to make pit stops, and when to head back home.

2. Better for the environment

Traveling by a motorcoach is much better for the environment than other forms of traveling. For example, if you travel by motorcoach, you can help cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. For every mile driven in a motorcoach, you cut carbon dioxide emissions greatly in comparison to other traveling methods. If your organization fills a motorcoach, you are also helping to cut energy use by filling one vehicle instead of a bunch of smaller vehicles.

You can save on gas, as well. A motorcoach gets around 200 miles per gallon whereas the average car only gets around 27 miles per gallon. An airplane only receives around 44 miles per gallon per passenger.

3. Cuts down on traffic

If you?ve ever been stuck in traffic when you?re trying to get to an event on time, you can appreciate the need to help with traffic issues across the United States. Traveling by a motorcoach is one great way to help with issues concerning traffic and too many cars on the road. For every full motorcoach, that is approximately 55 cars that are off the road.

Not only does it help the environment to get that many cars off the road for every motorcoach taken, but also it helps with issues of congestion, traffic, and likely with accidents, too.

4. Supports local towns financially

When you travel by a motorcoach, you also have more say in what companies you support during travel. On an airplane, you can only support the companies that are in the airport, near the airport, or on the airplane. In a motorcoach, you can be more selective about where you stay, where you eat, and how you spend your money. In fact, when a motorcoach stops in a town for an overnight stay, it?s estimated that brings in around $11,000 for that town. That number comes from money spent on hotels, food, and other purchases. So, by switching up your travel method, you can save your organization time and money and support a town of your choice.

How do you typically travel when you?re trying to go somewhere with your large organization? Will you consider traveling by chartered bus and motorcoach now that you know the benefits? Let us know about your experiences deciding how to travel as an organization.

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