What Makes A Tourism Website An Approachable, Friendly And Communicative Resource?

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What do the best tourism websites have in common? This is a question you can’t afford not to ask, as competition only gets more stiff by the day. Customers are less impressed with traditional marketing tactics, online reviews take precedence over strong first impressions and beautiful campground design isn’t enough to attract new client bases. Your campsite layout design and RV marketing need to be supported by digital methods that know, intrinsically, what customers are looking for. This will be explored further below so you can spend less time wondering what the best tourism websites have in common and more time being the shining example.

Search Engine Optimization

The most popular element separating a mediocre RV site design from a smart one is that of search engine optimization. A customer won’t even be able to enjoy your impressive cabins or consider your bed and breakfast if they’re unable to even find your website in the first place. SEO has been found to drive up to 75% of all search traffic, meaning you’re tapping into a potential audience that could see your business succeeding in areas never thought possible. Not only is it effective, it’s affordable.

Digital Marketing Tools

Not only is digital marketing perfect for reaching a wide variety of people in a short amount of time, it’s much more affordable than the alternative. Digital marketing, such as SEO and online banners, are what’s known as ‘inbound leads’. SEO leads, for example, have a 14% close rate. Compare this to outbound leads like direct mail and print advertising which barely hit 2%. SEO even beats out social media by 300% on average, cementing it as a superior option for years to come.

Mobile Website Customization

Is that all there is to the equation? Not quite. RV park design standards and campground website design do better when it’s as flexible as customers’ standards. Since more browsing and buying is done on-the-go, your travel and tourism websites could be seriously missing out if they’re not available on the average smartphone or tablet. Not only do 40% of shoppers begin with a search engine before shopping, over 50% of smartphone users discovered a new company while browsing mobile.

Basic Design Choices

Last, but not least, you need to make sure your website is giving customers the best possible experience. A good website should be easy-to-browse and aesthetically appealing, with relevant information and contact information in an obvious spot. Studies have shown customers to be increasingly impatient with poor web design and will abandon a site entirely if it takes too long to load or if they can’t find what they need within a few seconds. Remember that, when it comes to design, less truly is more.

How To Create The Best Tourism Websites

The best tourism websites know what they shouldn’t be doing. They shouldn’t be relying on outdated and expensive marketing techniques to push their brand. They shouldn’t be crafting cluttered and noisy websites that turn customers off rather than peak their interest. They should be using digital marketing strategies, smart SEO techniques and a mobile-friendly website to stand out amid the pack. Resort website design doesn’t have to be a relic of the past. Move toward the future and see how you can give your customers exactly what they need.

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