Get the Most From Your Beach Condo Rental with These Tips

Beach condo rentals

Are you thinking about taking a summer vacation? Almost half of all Americans do take them. If you are considering a beach vacation, you are not alone. It is the most popular summer vacation destination and 45% of all people taking trips during the season take them there. If you are looking into you accommodations options, you may be looking at beach condo rentals. There are a lot of good reasons to do this. You typically get a lot more room and options for a lot less money than you would spend at a hotel. These can be much better for families or groups of friends traveling together. There are ways you can make sure you get a good deal when go this route.

  1. Do not skip doing your research. There are a lot of options when you are looking at beach condo rentals. You can find properties that are curated or managed plus, depending on where you are going, there can be hundreds of websites offering beach condos for rent. While most are legitimate, some are not. Talk to the Better Business Bureau and check travel sites. Talk to organization renting the property and, if you can, the owner. The more checking you do, the better you will feel.
  2. Go to the property before your vacation. The best way to make sure a vacation rental is on the up and up is to go see it in person. That way you can talk to the owner or manager, tour the property, check out the area and just make sure that out of all of the beach condo rentals that are available in the area, you are getting the one you want with the facilities and amenities that you and your party will want.
  3. Curated properties can be more safe than others. When you go through an agency that has selected the property, you have a much reduced chance of being stuck with something that is not going to be a decent rental for your party. These beach condo rentals have been selected by staff of the agency so their reputation is also on the line if there are problems with the properties they rent out. This is absolutely the next best option to looking at the units yourself. They will also be legally obligated to give you what they promise.
  4. Book all your travel with an agent. Travel agents have access to all sorts of vacation rentals, including beach condo rentals. Your agent will most likely have experience with the people renting their properties but you should ask to make sure. They can also advocate for you if something goes wrong with the rental.
  5. Pay for everything with a credit card. Credit cards offer protections that you are not going to get paying any other way. They are required by law, the Fair Credit Act, to take any charge off your account if it is for a service that you did not receive. You need to do this soon after the problem with the vacation rental, most cards require you notify them within 60 or 90 days. This will only protect you if you do not get the unit you reserved. If you get to the unit and it is not what you thought it would be, you cannot use your credit card protections to help you but you will have a paper trail and some recourse for some problems that can occur.
  6. Not all vacation condo rentals are legal, make sure yours is. There are places that prohibit renting properties for less than a month. Some are taking their rules more seriously than others and going after the tourists who break them. Remember, ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break it. Just make sure when you rent a property that it is legal to do so.

When you rent beach condos, you can get a great deal. They often are a lot easier for families and other larger groups. They give you more space to enjoy and relax in and often have amenities like WiFi and a full kitchen so you do not have to eat all of your meals out.


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