Coach Charter Buses A Comfortable, Convenient, and Reliable Form of Transportation

It’s not surprising that motor coaches are a popular means of travel. Every year, people throughout the United States take 751 million trips in these comfortable multi-passenger vehicles. Whether they’re traveling to a conference, a family reunion, or commuting to work, passengers travel comfortably on a bus. Motor coaches are also an excellent choice for taking a sightseeing or other type of tour. Since motor coaches also provide airport shuttle service and other types of schedule services, they are a reliable and convenient transportation choice.

Tourists can make a significant impact on the communities they visit when traveling by coach charter buses. When they spend just one night at a specific destination, this can infuse that community with approximately $11,660.00. This includes basic spending on lodging, meals, and other daily essentials. Since many travelers like to purchase gifts as well as something special to remember their trip with, this only increases the financial contributions to that local economy. Over $55 billion in economic transactions are generated every year due to tourists traveling by coach charter buses.

Another benefit of traveling by coach charter buses is that it generates employment for a large number of Americans. There are roughly 792,700 people employed within this industry. In addition to drivers and maintenance personnel, there are other important positions within this industry. This of course includes employees that are involved with motor coach and related equipment sales.

The federal government provides subsidies for various forms of transportation. Consider the following cost comparisons for each type of passenger trip:

  • Motor coaches: $.06 in taxpayer subsidies
  • Public transit: $.77 in taxpayer subsidies
  • Commercial air carriers: $4.32 in taxpayer subsidies
  • Amtrak: $46.06 in taxpayer subsidies
  • When motor coaches are full, they also reduce congestion, energy usage, and emissions on the country’s roads, highways, and freeways. Just one full motor coach, for example, has the capacity to remove 55 vehicles from these thoroughfares. Since motor coaches also provide more passenger miles per gallon of fuel when compared to other modes of travel, this also makes a positive impact on the economy and the environment:

    • Motor coaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon
    • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon
    • Domestic airplane: 44 passenger miles per gallon
    • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon
    • Single passenger cars: 27.2 passenger miles per gallon
    • Hybrid cars: 46 passenger miles per gallon

    When you plan your next trip, consider the benefits of traveling by coach charter buses. In addition to providing a comfortable way to travel, motor coaches are also a convenient and reliable form of transportation. It’s also important to remember that this form of travel makes a positive impact on local communities, the national economy, and the environment.

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