Top 3 Reasons to Break Loose and Go on Vacation

With warmer weather approaching, many people are starting to think about summer vacations. A family camping trip is always a wonderful vacation, full of activities, some peaceful time spent in nature recharging, and quality family time. They’re also great trips to take with other families and parents/kids can split off and do other smaller trips, like a fishing trip or hiking trip, if they’re so inclined. (And it’s a great way to keep everyone enthused about the activities, rather than towing along kids on a fishing trip or on a biking trail who don’t want to be there.) So let’s talk about some of your options when it comes to a family camping trip, why you should be taking your vacation time, and the advantages of spending your vacation outside.
What Can I Do on a Camping Trip?
There a tons of opportunities when it comes to a camping trip. Many campgrounds have other outdoorsy activities set up, like biking trails, water activities, hiking, etc., and are located near towns that cater to campers and tourists. Hiking is one of the most popular options when it comes to activities — over 90% of campers also went hiking, according to a recent report.
Water activities, like fishing, water skiing, or boating are also popular — water and the summer go nicely hand in hand. And, almost 90 million adults in the United States take part in recreational boating, so it’s likely that campgrounds will try and cater to that clientele.
In addition to hiking trails, you may also be near some biking trails, which can be a great way to see the area, get a little exercise, and go farther distances as opposed to walking.
Why Should I Take My Vacation?
Mental Health
Over 95% of American employees say that vacation time is important and almost 40% of families say that vacations make them happy. This stat means that vacation is the activity that makes families the happiest. So, for your own mental health, take a vacation! You can’t be working all the time — it’s too easy to get burned out. Everyone needs a break.
Increased Productivity
Over half of adults in the United States who are employed come back feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work after a vacation. Since you’ve hopefully been focusing on having fun and unwinding during your vacation, you’re likely in a better frame of mind when you return to work, and are ready to buckle down again.
Family Time
Vacations are a wonderful chance to reconnect with your significant other, kids, or friends. The everyday distractions that are the norm are gone and you’re in a different location with no rigid schedule dictating your every move (unless you’re on a tour of some kind, but in that case, you likely didn’t have to plan it!). If you choose a more outdoorsy vacation, it’s also likely that WiFi/Internet isn’t as readily available as it would be at home, forcing everyone to look up from their devices and spend quality time together.
Why Should I Spend (at least part of) My Vacation Outside?
Many of us work inside all day and probably aren’t getting the time outside, soaking up Vitamin D and breathing fresh air that we should be. Similarly, since many of us work desk jobs, we also probably aren’t getting all the exercise we should be.
Camping provides a great opportunity to spend time outside and take advantage of biking trails, hiking trails, and water activities. While these can all be fun and leisurely, you’re still moving and being active! And, it’s a great way to enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery and serenity (minus, perhaps, where all the kids are swimming).
If one of your goals for the summer was to work on your tan, an outdoor vacation is perfect for that too!
Make time for yourself this summer and plan a family vacation somewhere. Be sure to keep a camping trip in mind — they’re affordable, fun, and kid-friendly! What more could you want?

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