Getting a Private Horse Tour for a Rustic Getaway

Horses have been one of the most important domesticated animals of all, being useful around the world for manual labor, transportation, racing, and war mount. Today, cars, trucks, and tractors have largely replaced the labor of horses in the industrialized world, but these animals are still prized for their beauty and for racing and horse shows, ensuring that they still have a well-earned place in society. While horse racing is a popular sport and horse shows can attract crowds, horses can be useful for a time-honored duty that is still done today for novelty’s sake: a private horse tour or a horse drawn carriage tour. Taking a tour in a horse carriage can be a lot of fun and lend an afternoon a charmingly old-fashioned and relaxing air, and those who love horses will appreciate being near them and trying out this old-fashioned way of getting around. A private horse tour may be especially popular in some parts of the United States such as Charleston, South Carolina, and searching “carriage tour Charleston SC” or “upcoming private horse tour SC” can help someone find a horse carriage tour and book it.

Why Horses and Charleston?

Charleston, South Carolina, has established itself as a popular domestic vacation spot for Americans, and its old-fashioned, Old Southern charm may draw in big crowds every year, and this includes those who want to explore this venerated city by means of a private horse tour with an open-air carriage pulled by one or more steeds. Taking vacations is popular among Americans in general, and this supports a large industry. In fact, one in nine American jobs is based on tourism and travel, and about 2.7% of the American GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, is dedicated to the tourism industry. Americans often feel more relaxed and happy, and even romantic, during vacations, and this carefree state of mind may make a person more interested in trying out a charmingly old-fashioned private horse tour in Charleston SC.

Founded in 1670, the city of Charleston, SC, has been a prominent one throughout the centuries, and it in fact is the home of the first-ever American museum, the Charleston Museum, founded in 1773. This city draws thousands of guests every year, and it became Travel and Leisure Magazine’s number one city in its “World’s Best Cities list” back in 2016. One way to visit this rustic Southern city is by horse-drawn carriage.

Some aspects of the American South remain charmingly old-fashioned, from the architecture to the local dialects to the food, and this also includes the means of transportation, such as a private horse tour for guests, like in Charleston. An interested party may plan ahead of time before visiting a city like Charleston, especially during popular times of the year, and search online to find an agency that handles such things as a horse-drawn carriage tour. The potential tourists can then find a free carriage ride during the time that they plan to visit, and then book it. After they arrive in Charleston, they can visit the agency and get on board the carriage, and off they go, touring the venerated city from the vantage point of a horse-drawn carriage. The exact routes may vary, so based on what they want to see, tourists can choose different carriage times or routes.

Horses are prominent in the South and Midwest in general, and interested guests may try out not only a horse-drawn carriage tour, but also riding horses or ponies for kids and enjoy this time-honored sport and leisure activity. Horses may be confined to paddocks for guests to ride on, and instructors can help people mount and dismount the horses and stay in position. Guests to states such as Kentucky may also attend horse races, and the Kentucky Derby draws big crowds whenever there is a race going on. Those who love horses and the rustic lifestyles of the South or Midwest are bound to appreciate a visit to South Carolina, Charleston, Kentucky, or other such classic places in the United States and have a great trip.

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