Chartering a Bus For Your Next Trip

Airport shuttle

While we might not have flying cars yet there are still plenty of ways to get around. All of these methods of transportation are getting better, too, in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact, safety, and comfort. While automobiles are still the most common way Americans get around on a daily basis, some days call for a different type of vehicle. For long trips across the country or the globe where the destination matters more than the journey, airplanes come in handy. For a relaxing week on the water, cruise ships are the way to go.

For large events, in-depth tours of areas, and certain other activities, a great option for getting around is via charter bus rentals. You may have seen these buses (also known as motor coaches) parked at rest stops, restaurants, or just driving by you on the highway. If you’ve never ridden on one before, you might wonder what these buses are, why they’re so tall and long, and where they’re going.

Charter buses can be used for several purposes but they all have a main goal in common: to transport several people at once from one place to another. Think of these bus rentals like giant carpools. Everyone is headed to the same place, so they might as well travel together. However, rather than cramp them all in a small fleet of cars, wasting gas and energy, these buses can comfortably fit over 50 people in one spacious vehicle, effectively taking up to 55 automobiles off the road. Additionally, many of these buses feature things like free WiFi access, entertainment options, restrooms, and other accommodations for a leisurely trip.

But where are do these buses go, ultimately? The answer is: just about anywhere. Charter bus rentals can be used for just about any event that many people are attending at once. Here are just three examples of places they might take people.

1) Field Trips for School and Work

For certain trips, whether for students or employees, charter buses are great for getting everyone from point A to point B safely and comfortably. While a fleet of school buses can be used, they’re not always comfortable, and they can only hold so many people, meaning more are necessary. Charter buses, on the other hand, can hold more people comfortably. The more people in one space, the easier it is to account for everyone. And for longer trips, comfort really is important. Remember, it’s not only kids who get antsy on long trips!

2) Wine Tours

Sometimes a trip isn’t simply a line between two points. Rather, there are several points along the way. For wine tours with a longer distance and large attendance, charter buses can be employed to carry everyone along. Passengers can make an entire day out of making collective stops at several vineyards, wineries, and restaurants. Traveling in a group with similar interests can also lead to new friendships and discoveries. Best of all, passengers don’t need to worry about the amount of wine they consume since they won’t be the one’s driving!

3) Stadium Events

Whether it’s a major league sporting event or a concert, events at stadiums lend themselves to massive crowds. Since these events often attract so many people, charter buses are a great way to take a decent chunk of those people and get them to the event in an efficient and orderly fashion. Driving alone can become a burden, especially when it comes to parking and figuring out where to go. By traveling with a group, parking is a non-issue and there are plenty of people around you (including guides on occasion) to help you get where you need to be. If the trip is relatively long, you can also rest during the ride so you’re wide awake for the event. And, once again, if you’re tired out by the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about driving home. You can relax while the bus takes you home safely.

These are just a few events tailor-made for bus rentals. There are certainly more. Any trip with a big turnout lends itself to this type of transportation. So while there are plenty of ways to easily get around today, charter buses provide an efficient, comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly method of transportation for everyone.

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