Are You Looking to Book a Vacation Rental for Your Family’s Next Trip?

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It looks so simple at first. You are planning a summer vacation and you know that there are a number of sites where you can find your own vacation rentals and make arrangements with private property owners. You also know, however, of people who have had rather disastrous experiences of friends and family. On one occasion, for instance, your sister rented a large home for her entire extended family. The pictures on the website looked beautiful, but what your sister missed in the post were two small words: decaying beauty.
Those two words, in fact, were far more truthful than anything else posted on the rent by owner website. To be specific, decaying was probably the most true. It was a decaying property and while your sister could find the small, specific locations where the misleading photos were taken, the reality was that the property was no a good fit. The group did not feel comfortable cooking in the kitchen, the bathrooms were unappealing, and the beds, though comfortable, were in rooms that had a variety of structural issues. From a broken window that opened to the outside to the fact that many drywalls did not meet the floorboards and had exposed, aged insulation, the home was problematic.
With this story in mind, you decided not to go with one of the online services, and instead worked with a group of professional property services team members to find the location for your upcoming trip. With the help of the property services you found, you were thrilled to find a location that met every single one of your needs. As a location that is sometimes booked for wedding packages, the three bedroom home that you found was the perfect solution for your family’s summer vacation.
Vacation Travel Success Is Often a Direct Result of the Housing Options, Especially for Destination Weddings
Whether you are looking for a two day location for a wedding venue or you are looking at a two week long rental at a vacation property, it is often best to make sure that you work with a reputable property services group so that you can trust that you will have comfortable and useable accommodations. Being able to know that you will get a good night’s rest and that you will have a working kitchen and clean bathrooms is the assurance that most travelers need, whether they are making a short or long visit.
If you are planning a destination wedding it is especially important that you understand all of the details of the place where you will be staying. In the event that you are making your reservations from far away and are not first visiting the location, property services personnel play an especially important role.
Consider some of these facts and figures about wedding the wedding industry:

  • 44,230 weddings take place every single weekend of the year.
  • 88% of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime.
  • $50 billion is the amount of money generated every year by the wedding industry.
  • 43% of weddings are officiated by a family member of friend rather than a professional
  • 165 is the average number of wedding guests.
  • 50% of women find planning their wedding more stressful than they imagined. Understandably so since most people report spending as many as 11 hours a week on this planning.
  • It is not only the wedding that takes a lot of planning. Did you know that the number of after wedding parties increased 11.5% in a single year?

Given all of these facts it should come as no surprise that finding a great venue for a wedding and the reception is very important. For couples who are looking at a destination wedding venue, the help of a property services team is very important. Knowing all of the details of the location where you will be celebrating your big day is key to having a relaxed and enjoyable event.
Whether you are a bride planning a destination wedding or you a person planning a two week vacation, property service managers are likely the resource that you need the most. Instead of relying on blind internet searches, plan to work with a professional property services manager.

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