Bed and Breakfast Are they Worth the Money

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Buena Vista Co attracts tons of visitors every year. It is a smaller community located in Central Colorado with a population under 5,000. Visitors come year round to explore Buena Vista Co, which means lodging options are bountiful. Picking the right places to stay during your visit will help make it enjoyable.

Lodging options include hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast. For those new to the area or new to lodging options you can find yourself confused and not sure which one to choose. While all these options offer a comfortable place to stay and sleep, there are a few reasons why bed and breakfast may end up at the top of your list.

Does Space Matter?
If you prefer a smaller cramped room with one bed and a desk, and a coffee pot shoved somewhere on the bathroom counter than a hotel might work. However when you choose a bed and breakfast you get a cozy bedroom all to yourself. Other features that you will not see elsewhere include common areas such as a living room and a dining room. While these areas may be shared with others staying at the bed and breakfast, they still offer a different view when compared to a claustrophobic room.

Want to Meet Other People?
How many conversations have you had with people passing them in the hallway of a hotel? Probably not many. With common areas that bed and breakfast offer, you have the availability to meet and interact with other travelers. Whether in the garden, on the patio or in the dinning room, you can share experiences and find out the hottest tourist spots.

How Good are those Hotel Breakfasts?
Many hotels will offer the usual continental breakfast for their guests. This typically consists of pastries, waffles, yogurt, fruit and juices. A bed and breakfast offers a hearty, warm homemade breakfast that you won’t find anywhere else, except your own kitchen. The gourmet spread and choices you get at breakfast are all included in your nights stay.

How Much Does Customer Service Mean?
Majority of bed and breakfasts are owned by individuals. Usually they are the same individuals who maintain them. This means that your experience is directly dependent upon them. This differs from a large hotel chain, where you could have a complaint and chances are the people in charge will never hear it. At a bed and breakfast you will get warm friendly service, rather than a teenager working a night shift behind a counter, such as you see in majority of hotel chains.

Buena Vista Co was founded in 1879 and the term buena vista means “beautiful view.” Imagine the view you could see looking from a small bed and breakfast sitting by itself rather than a hotel smack dab in the middle of everything. With the more than 10 peaks measuring taller than 14,000 feet tall plus the vast view of wildlife to be seen, it is probably best to just go ahead and book more than one night in your favorite bed and breakfast, because one night will not be enough.

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