Campgrounds Across America Offer a Variety of Amenities

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Glamping in the middle of the forrest. Swimming at campgrounds with a pool. Roasting s’mores around an enormous stone fire pit.
Although none of these describe what camping was like two decades ago, they are the choices that families can select for their summer vacations. today. Wooded campgrounds in New York and shady campsites in in Michigan offer families an opportunity to get away from the chaos of their lives while still enjoying many of the comforts of home.
What Kind of Camping Does Your Family Like the Best?
Campgrounds can be as varied as the homes that campers come from. Families from simple, functional may like the option of a no glitz, no glam campsite, or they may want to splurge while they are on vacation. Other families who live in homes that include every imaginable option may never want to step out of their comfort zone or they may want to get back to nature while they are vacationing. Fortunately, with a variety of camping amenities, family camping vacations are available for every type of family.
Primitive Campgrounds with a Limited Number of Options
For backpackers and travelers on a tight budget, camping simply needs to involve a place to pitch a tent, a campfire for cooking meals, and access to water. For the smallest fees, primitive campgrounds may be the answer for these individuals as well as families who want to get away from the technology of everyday life.
For some families, camping is a change to disconnect to technology and reconnect to each other. Lakeside campgrounds, for example, can provide enough entertainment for a day that does not involve cell phones and WiFi access. For the families and individuals who select these kinds of camping sites, the travelers are rewarded with an economic option that can provide solitude and peacefulness.
Mid-Priced Campgrounds with a Few of the Basics
A family vacation that does not break the bank, but still provides a selection of amenities is the choice that many make. With electrical access for small campers or full size tents, a mid-priced campground allows families to enjoy the beauty of nature but not give up on the comforts of home. Warm showers provided in large bath houses with several sinks and toilets allow campers to spend time getting ready with some of the creature comforts they do not want to do without.
Located throughout the country, these medium priced camping options allow visitors to wake up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the lakes of Minnesota, or the forests of North Carolina. After first selecting a general destination, families can then select a campground, and often a specific campsite, that will be home for their family from one night or one week.
Luxury Campgrounds Provide All of the Comforts of Home, and More
At the top end of the camping experience, luxury campgrounds provide families with even more options than they may have back home. From campgrounds with a pool and splash parks to campgrounds that offer select glamping sites that offer catered meals and other luxuries, families may feel that they have never left home. In fact, some campgrounds with luxury family cabins may be far more luxurious that what is at home.
Campgrounds with a pool, golf course, and crafts center provide an all inclusive feel for families who want to get away but do not want the complications of traveling from attraction to attraction. Prince Edward Island camping, for example, may include an option of renting sail boats, paddle boards, and other water accessories. Luxury family camping vacation spots may move to the top of the list for family traditions and even become holiday celebration locations.
What Are Your Camping Goals?
For many, camping is a family affair. In fact, 13% of adults indicate that they camp because they want to spend more time with their families. Looking back, 12% of adults indicate that they first went camping with their immediate family.
And while family time may be a major motivation, campgrounds with a pool entice some families to include their friends as well. With the “more the merrier” mentality it may come as no small surprise that approximately 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings in the year 2010 alone.

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