Are you looking for a list of hotels to simplify the decisions that you’re facing when you’re traveling (i.e. where to stay and for how long)? Then, this is the place for you!

Best Head Shots Photographer in New York CityTraveling should be fun and you shouldn’t have to worry where you’re going to stay and whether or not it’s going to be worth all of the money that you’re paying for just a night or a number of weeks/days. I created this website because I wanted to help you minimize stress when you’re traveling alone, with family or friends. My name is Howard Lynch and I have traveled the world. I love to travel and have been to many countries across the world. Starting in middle school, my parents taught me know to find great hotels for an affordable price.

You’ve most likely heard of, driven by, and/or stayed at one or a number of popular hotel chains. If you’re not happy with the idea of staying at popular hotel chains, there are other options that might pique your interest. For example, you can stay at specialized hotels, exclusive hotels, and recreational hotels. Examples of specialized hotels that you might be interested in staying at in the United States or across the world are hotels that are theme-based, non-smoking, pet-friendly, or eco-friendly. I’m passionate about traveling across the U.S. and abroad! I hope to educate you on what to look for when you’re booking your next vacation and my website is a great source that you should take a look at before booking a hotel reservation. Follow my website for updates on hotels, tips on how to stay within your budget when traveling, and other insights on what you can do to set yourself up for a terrific travel experience.

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