Take Your Vacation! Cabo San Lucas Is Close and Awesome!

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The American work ethic is legendary. Many people in the United States derive a lot of their self esteem from their work. This leads us to skip vacations. In 2013, nearly three-quarters of American workers who are given paid time off did not take all of it. Worse, when we do finally go on vacation, we continue to work. At least 61% of American vacationers work while away. Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula may offer the perfect antidote to all of that. This is one reason vacation rentals there are always popular.

Cabo San Lucas is close enough to be easy to get to and exotic enough to feel like it is a lifetime away. It boasts near perfect weather so if hot, sunny and dry are the conditions you like, this is the place for you. They have between 350 and 360 days of sunshine and only get between seven and ten inches of rain every year. That also means you should bring and use your sunscreen.

The resort town is about one thousand miles south of Tijuana and the best way to get there is by air. There are direct flights to the city from the United States but other travelers can change planes in Mexico City. Now, there was a time when all you needed to travel from the United States to Mexico or Canada was a valid driver’s license but that day is gone. If you want to go to Cabo San Lucas now, you will need a valid passport.

In terms of accommodations, there is something for just about every taste and budget. You can get vacations rentals that run the gamut from high-end luxury villas and all inclusive resorts to budget hotels so do not think you need to be one of the very wealthy to enjoy this resort town. The vacation rentals can also match what kind of trip you are looking for. Some people like to stay at luxury resorts where all their whims can be attended to while others like the idea of staying somewhere more low key where they can relax in private, you get both options in Cabo San Lucas.

It is important that you respect the local authorities and law while in Cabo San Lucas. Some people see the city’s laid back lifestyle and party atmosphere and forget certain things. If you buy illicit drugs and are caught, the penalties are very harsh. Also, the local police are not impressed by Americans who come down and get very drunk and act reckless so just watch your behavior. If you have to travel with medications, bring only as many as you will need for your trip. You may have traveled to Mexico with your gun before but you should leave any weapons you have at home now. Your trip will go much better if you do.

Also, be careful where you swim. The area is world famous for its wonderful beaches and water activities but should you want to go swimming, avoid doing it in the Pacific Ocean at all costs. Many very experienced swimmers have lost their lives taking a dip on this side of Cabo San Lucas. Swim on the eastern side or in a pool if you got one of the vacation rentals with one. You will be much safer. Also, listen to the locals if they tell you it is not safe to swim. They are not trying to make your vacation worse, just keep you safe.

There are a ton of things to do in Cabo San Lucas. From beautiful sandy beaches to outings on the water where you can see whales and other wildlife to taking in a spa treatment or a night on the town, it is hard to not enjoy life in the resort city. One way you can really make your time at any of the vacation rentals better is to avoid checking your voice mail. Many American tourists all over the world check theirs from vacation. Your work will be there when you get back but you only have a short time in Cabo San Lucas so make the most of it!

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