Three Benefits of School Field Trips

Ask anyone what they remember about school, and they’ll often mention field trips. New teachers may be nervous about planning trips for their students, but immersive educational experiences can make a big impact. If you haven’t already, here are the top three reasons to plan a field trip this school year.

Field Trips Help with Socialization

While some teachers may dread the socialization (chit chat and texting) that can come with a field trip, but school trips can also foster positive, education-related socialization as well. Breaking your class into smaller groups or having small activities related to your trip can allow students to chat about the educational subject. Visits to museums in particular are great at fostering conversation about real-world topics. If you worry about a student who has trouble relating to their peers, encouraging them to group up with other students on field trips can bring them out of their shell and give them something to talk about.

Students who Go on Field Trips Have Better Grades

According to the U.S. Travel Association, students who regularly have the chance to go on field trips have better educational outcomes. Ninety five percent of students who went on regular field trips graduated from high school, nearly two thirds graduated from college, and their incomes were 12% higher annually than those who didn’t. It may take a little extra coordination to find charter buses for school trips, but it’s a small investment of time, money, and energy when weighed against the tangible benefits.

Finally, Field Trips Teach Students about the Real World

Students often don’t connect their school lessons to real life until they’re directly in front of them. Educational trips to museums, historic landmarks, and the outdoors tie students’ curriculum to things that are happening all around them. Students feel the excitement of “getting” something, and the immersive learning experiences are guaranteed to reach students of all different learning styles. The experiences are bound to leave a lasting impact that reinforces classroom learning.

As difficult as it can be to corral large groups of students, museums and parks are equipped to cater to youth of all ages. Charter buses for school trips are easy to rent and allow you and your students to travel in comfort. Why not make this the year of field trips and treat your students to something extraordinary?

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