Five Things to do in Halibut Cove, Alaska

Far from the hustle and bustle of Anchorage and Juneau lie more than three million square miles of parkland and natural forest, making Alaska one of the premiere destinations for nature vacations. You don’t need to rough it to enjoy Alaska’s wild beauty, though. Booking a lodge in Halibut Cove Alaska allows you to see all that The Last Frontier has to offer without skimping on the comfort. Here are the top five things to see on your authentic Alaska vacation in Halibut Cove.

Visit the Bird Sanctuary

Halibut Cove Alaska is a small census designated place on the Kenai Peninsula that overlooks Kachemak Bay. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the famous Gull Island where tens of thousands of birds nest in the summer months. Seeing the small chicks breaking from their shells and hundreds of kittiwakes, glaucous-winged gulls, pelagic cormorants, red-faced cormorants, puffins, and pigeon guillemots take flight at once is a delight for bird watchers and non-watchers alike.

Eat at The Saltry

The town of Halibut Cove has just one restaurant, but its offering of fresh fish, chowder, and bread makes The Saltry a must-visit for all-inclusive vacations. Be sure to call in advance to reserve a table and bring your appetite.

Go Sea Kayaking

There are multiple remote spots for sea kayakingin and around Halibut Cove. You can go for a half-day trip on a leisurely vacation, but you can also look for vacation resorts that will do full-day trips or even overnight kayaking voyages to give you the authentic Alaskan experience. Watch out for cranes, sea otters, and whales!

Take a Water Taxi

Water taxis are the primary mode of transport on the Kenai Peninsula, so you can charter one to ferry you between Homer, Alaska and nearby Gull Island and Halibut Cove. Your Alaskan resort should have steps to locate the water taxi, but these may also be included in an all-inclusive resort. Take your water taxi around the bay to see the sites on the Peninsula or use them to get to the next trail head or jumping off point.

Hike the Glaciers

There are several hiking trails in and around Halibut Cove Alaska, but the most famous is the walk through the boreal forest to the Grewingk Glacier. At only three miles, the trail is accessible even for novice hikers, and you’ll be able to see icebergs, wildlife, and stunning views.

Alaska is perhaps one of the last untamed parts of the United States. Plan to spend at least a week to full appreciate the beauty of the wilderness. There are luxury lodges in Halibut Cove and Homer, so you’ll be able to go into the frontier without having to lose a wink of sleep.

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