Let Nature Be Your Happy Place

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It can be a great feeling to get away. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes you just need a bit of an escape. While everyone has their vacation preferences, one popular activity to get away from the daily grind is camping, a pastime that so many people can agree on. Sure, there are plenty of people who claim that they are not campers, and many will say that camping simply is not for everyone. But those are the individuals who haven’t explored all of the many different possibilities of camping. It is a highly customizable experience. From backpacking up a mountain to sleep under the stars, to glamorous cabins made to look rustic, there is certainly a wide variety of camping styles to choose from and make your own.

Finding your perfect place in nature

Part of what so strongly draws people to the great outdoors is the fact that it is our natural habitat. Yes, we have evolved immensely from the days that the first humans roamed the earth. We have conveniences and luxuries that provide us with the comforts necessary to function in a society as complex as the one we have created, one that is greatly different from the environment that allows us to truly connect with nature. This is why there is such an allure to immerse ourselves in nature when we can. From a simple breeze to the scent of pine or the gurgle of a river or even the feel of dirt under your feet, the great outdoors begs to be indulged in. And of course, there is the irresistible experience of sitting around a campfire with the intention of making s’mores, or even to just relax with people you care about. From cabin rentals to truly rustic campgrounds or simply off the beaten path, there is a place for you in nature, if you just give yourself the chance to find it.

The popularity of camping

Over the course of one year, about $1.5 billion was spent on camping equipment, the vast majority of it being spent on sleeping bags and backpacks. Those adventurers are the ones who are looking to connect on one of the more deeper levels, though that does not mean that other types of campers are doing it wrong. Everyone has their camping style, and those differences should be celebrated, unified by the overarching theme of love for the getaway, for the return to nature.

Part of the excitement of camping is in finding the perfect place to pitch your tent or park your RV. Over 40% of campers wind up at state park campgrounds, while about 14% head to the gorgeous national park campgrounds, and 10% settle in at local park campgrounds. Everyone has their favorite spot, and some would rather wander to find a new one each time. Where you end up can depend on your planning style as well. While about 43% of campers start planning their getaways one month or more ahead of time, about 34% do not make any type of advanced reservations, choosing instead to wing it and follow where the path may lead, or even create a new one. But one thing that campers do seem to agree upon is a shared love of the outdoors. Around 87% of people camping recently took part in more than one outdoor activity, giving them that connection to nature that the city often falls short on providing.

No matter what place you find yourself in, look for the adventure to be had. Find your camping and exploration style, and you will feel the burdens of the daily grind lift away on the breeze that blows through those branches above you.

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