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High School football playoff season has arrived, and with it is the planning for all of the away games.
The fans.
The band.
The parents.
The community members.
It can seem, in fact, that everyone is trying to get to the big game. The first round, followed by the second round, and then the semifinals and the finals. And while some people think that the best way to travel to a game is in their own car, many others look to charter buses for rent as the best option.
When Was the Last Time That You Traveled on a Charter Bus?
Whether you are a band member traveling to the big game to the play the national anthem or you are a football parent on the road to see the big game, charter buses for rent are often a perfect option. Finding an affordable way to travel as a group is not always easy. Air fare is expensive and can travel requires several drivers and does not have enough storage room. Motorcoach companies offer affordable and comfortable travel options, whether it is for a short or long trip.
Consider some of thee facts and figures about charter bus services and the role that they play in this nation’s economy:

  • When compared to commuter rail, motorcoaches are three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output.
  • When compared to transit buses, motorcoaches are six times more efficient in reducing CO2 output.
  • Students and seniors accounted for 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in 2012.
  • There are five times as many motorcoach terminals nationwide as there are airports.
  • There are six times as many bus terminals nationwide as there are intercity rail terminals.
  • As the fastest growing form of travel in the country, U.S. passenger bus travel increased by 7.5% between the years 2011 and 2012, according to a study by the American Bus Association.

When was the last time that you had a road trip where the travel was as fun as the event? If you are getting to make a plan for a whole group, make sure that you consider the option of traveling by charter bus.
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