How Your RV Website Design Can Help Draw More Visitors


For any tourism related business, having a great website is an important step in connecting with guests. Allowing them to access important information like location, layout, maps, amenities and online reservations makes it much easier for them to find you and to set up a reservation in one single online session. RV site design should be search engine optimized, mobile friendly and accessible to local searches.

SEO helps potential visitors to find you
Search engine optimization or SEO matters when it comes to RV site design, as it does for any business website. That’s because SEO helps campers and RV travelers to find your site quickly when they do a search for rv parks and campgrounds in a particular location. An SEO site will show up high on the list of results, making sure that potential guests will see your site.
With each online search producing thousands of results, high visibility matters, and SEO can help you achieve that. That’s why SEO is a favorite tool for online marketers. Researchers have found that SEO leads have high a 14.6% close rate, compared to traditional methods of advertising like direct mail and print advertising, which have a 1.7% close rate. SEO is also highly cost effective, costing 61% less than traditional outbound advertising.

Once you have their attention?
SEO is only the beginning of good rv site design, however. Once you have their attention, you have to provide the kind of information that potential guests need. This could be information about your location and directions to get there, maps, the layout of the camping site, and much more. Visitors will also find it useful to see a listing of the amenities and also pictures of the campsites, cabins and other accommodations.
Information about local attractions and events can help visitors plan their trip. And your website is good way to share information about any special events and facilities at your rv park or campground. If you have bingo evenings, playgrounds for children, splash parks or bike in trails, it will help to attract more visitors. Your rv site design says a lot to viewers about the campground itself and how well it is run.

All searches are local
When shopping, traveling or searching for leisure activities, people rely in local searches for accurate information. In fact as many as 30% of all searches on mobile devices are looking for products and services in a specific location. RV site design that is local friendly will connect to local searches and review sites like Google My Business, Bing Local, Facebook, Here.Com, etc.
That’s because even when they’re looking for real world businesses nearby, people start out with online searches. That makes it important to feature at or near the top of the listings when visitors search for campgrounds in a particular location. Most searches are local, and your website design should take advantage of that fact to gain greater visibility.

A number of factors go into good rv site design. It must be search engine optimized, easy to access on mobile devices and local search friendly, and it must provide the kind of information that visitors will find useful.

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