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3 Hotel Management Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

hotel property managementOwning a hotel is more than just providing travelers with a safe haven for a night. Instead, it is a full-fledged business that relies on a good staff and proper management to really flourish.

This is definitely easier said than done, though. To help you out, here are some common hotel management mistakes you could be making in order to have the best summer season yet!

Mistake #1: Not providing an experience.

Nowadays, the stakes are higher for hotels than ever before. Customers expect more, such as complimentary breakfast, travel guides in the room, snacks, and toiletries. To compete with other hotels, go the extra mile and provide an experience, not just a one night stay. Some ideas include offering a welcome message in the room when your guests check in, providing a phone or a tablet for guests to use while they are exploring your city, and offering complimentary drinks on their first night. Remember, they are on vacation and deserve to be pampered with great customer service.

Mistake #2: Not using the right software

There are so many different kinds of software to use for hotel property management. A hotel property management system is undoubtedly one of the most important. Investing in this software will not only make sure your customers have a breezy check-in, but it will ensure they come back. This will make your employees’ lives easier as well because it’s easier to track and change guests’ bookings digitally.

Mistake #3: Not listening to feedback

Your best bookings will come from your previous guests, so it is pivotal to envision their stay with you as the first of many to come. The best time to do this? In the days right after they leave, while the experience is fresh in their minds. The minute you hear feedback, do the best you can to address their concerns and to make them feel heard! Considering that according to CEB research, 96% of customers that were forced to expend a high effort with a company over a problem are likely to be disloyal.

Interested in learning more about hotel property management? Make sure to contact our experts today so we can get your hotel up and running in no time.

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