Camping Continues to Be a Favorite American Activity

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Are you looking for tent camping spaces for your next family vacation? In addition to tent camping spaces, you may also be interested in renting a cabin at a camp resort. Another option is to bring your RV, as family campgrounds have hook-ups and other amenities.

Whatever sleeping arrangements campers choose, they tend to go camping an average of 2 weeks at a time. While many individuals enjoy camping for the experience of being outdoors, others engage in a variety of activities. These include hiking, backpacking, swimming, and otherwise exploring nature.

In 2013 alone, according to the 2014 American Camper Report, 40.1 million Americans over the age of 6 enjoyed camping. Most people that go camping plan to do so again and again because it is one of their favorite leisure activities.

The survey showed that 99% of the participants were either “likely” or “very likely” to go camping during 2014. Furthermore, a majority of these campers stated they were planning an average of 4.9 camping trips in the near future. Another 2/3 were planning 3 or more family camping trips.

Some people like to go camping to spend more time with their families. This was the case with 13% of the adult campers surveyed. The first time many people go camping is with their immediate families, and around 12% of the adult campers stated that this was the case with them. It appears that when families go camping together, it can become a long-lasting tradition.

Public campgrounds are popular with most families that go camping. A recent survey showed that this was true for 70% of the participating campers. In addition to all of the amenities available at public campgrounds, there are so many kid-friendly, enriching activities. Children also learn to appreciate nature more when they go camping on a regular basis.

Since you’re planning your family’s next vacation, are you going to return to the last place you camped? Or, are you and your family searching for new camping grounds? Since there are so many campgrounds from which to choose, you may discover that each one provides an unforgettable experience.

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