A List of the Top Hospitality Renovations for Beachside Hotels

When people visit a beachside area, they’re looking for a refreshing experience far removed from their daily experience. One of the first things people look for when planning a beachside vacation is the right hotel to stay at. If you’re running a beachside hotel, it’s therefore in your best interest to ensure that the environment is attractive and inviting. Since there’s always room for improvement, consider implementing various hospitality renovations to keep your beachside hotel in the best condition possible. The good news is there are many easy hospitality renovations to capitalize on to achieve your goal. Read on to find some ideas to inspire you.

Upgrade the Roof

When you have a beachside hotel, your building is more vulnerable to the weather elements. For instance, the salt tends to eat everything. If you haven’t replaced your roof in a while, chances are that a roof replacement is one of those hospitality renovations you badly need now. Otherwise, a leaky roof might ruin your expensive cypress wood ceilings. When you are replacing your roof, this is the perfect opportunity to install a new roof that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The good news is there are various options to choose from. If you want a more robust roof, it’s best to look beyond asphalt shingles and consider durable options like clay tiles, which are perfect for coastal buildings because they are naturally resistant to the weathering effects of the water and sea air.

Other great and durable options include slate tiles and steel. Slate is a natural stone material that can be found in a variety of colors and which has been known to last more than fifty years. Steel is another popular coastal roofing material that’s more affordable than slate but can be treated to make it more resistant to corrosion and the weather. If you want to create a tropical look, you can even go for thatch, which is environmentally friendly and has a unique aesthetic appeal. Regardless of the roofing material you choose, ensure it has all the right properties suitable for a coastal area, such as weather resistance, insulation, and ease of maintenance. It’s also crucial to shop around for commercial roofing contractors to find the best professional to provide expert insulation.

Get the Exterior Repaved

If your beachside hotel is like most, you probably experience plenty of traffic as more guests arrive each day to enjoy the resort area. In light of this, one of the best hospitality renovations you should consider is hiring paving contractors to get the exterior of the building repaved. For this project, it’s important to choose a paving option that’s durable, attractive, and practical. Beyond the visual appeal, there are many reasons why you should invest in quality paving. For one, paving helps to reduce surface water runoff so that the area around your building doesn’t get waterlogged when it rains.

The right paving contractor will ensure that the new paving can channel away water to reduce the risk of flooding. The good news is you don’t need expensive hospitality renovations to make your beachside hotel more attractive. Something as simple as a newly laid pathway can transform the appearance of your establishment and help impress guests and visitors. New paving helps to give your premises a clean finish and improves access to your site. For instance, wheelchair users may find it easier to access your site if you request your paving contractor to install ramps that have an even finish. One of the top advantages that come with choosing to install paving is that there are many color, material, and design options available.

Invest in New Furnishings

When people visit a beachside hotel, they’re typically looking for a luxury experience. To provide customers with what they need, your furnishings have to embody the feel and appearance of luxury. Therefore, if you think the existing furnishings are looking a little worn out, now is a good time as ever to invest in new furnishings. First things first, it’s important to determine the general guidelines when it comes to furnishing various spaces within your hotel. You can benefit from checking out your competitors if you’re unsure where to start. If you’re aware of a competitor that’s attracting guests in droves, there’s no harm in checking to see what their furnishings look like.

Keep in mind that each space comes with its own rules. For instance, furnishing the bathrooms differs from what’s required when furnishing the hallways, the bar/restaurant area, or the suites. Even so, placing high-quality furniture in every space can go a long way towards upgrading your interior spaces and providing your clients with personalized and memorable experiences. Start by paying attention to the most important environments, which are the lobby and the rooms. The lobby of your hotel is the first thing guests see, so it’s crucial to invest in stylish furniture if you want to create the right impression. Beyond the lobby, you should keep this theme up if you want guests to remain impressed throughout their stay and after they leave.

Replace the Carpeting

If there’s one thing that you’re likely to see in almost every hotel, it’s carpeting. Carpeting exists to make the hotel environment more comfortable and presentable. In addition, quality carpeting also serves a particular purpose since it can help dampen noise levels while creating a smooth and soft surface that minimizes the risk of injuries from falls. The soundproofing benefits of carpeting in hotels can’t be underestimated, but they can only be achieved with the right thickness. If you haven’t replaced your hotel carpeting in a while, it’s good to shop around for new carpeting with the right criteria in mind.

Even if you purchased quality carpeting years ago, remember that even the most durable carpets start to show signs of wear and tear sooner or later, especially if there’s a lot of traffic underfoot. That’s why replacing your carpet is one of those practical hospitality renovations that need to be considered from time to time. If you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your building, you can also achieve this with the right carpeting solutions. Some hotel carpets are built to be environmentally friendly because of the insulating textile structure that can help reduce your energy bill in the long run. Also, make sure the carpeting material you choose is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and improves the quality of life for your guests.

Invest in Elevator Replacement

A full elevator replacement is on the list of hospitality renovations that can reduce the business’s costs. For starters, new commercial elevators that are currently on the market are powered by innovative technology, so they can help increase the value of your hotel. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s crucial to run a beachside hotel that offers great functionality to guests. For instance, most people live in a fast-paced world, so they don’t like to wait or expend a lot of energy to get to where they want. If you have unreliable elevators, this can put guests off.

When you install new and functional elevators, you can provide your guests with a more enhanced experience. New elevators represent a way to future-proof your hotel so that it stays relevant in the modern hospitality industry. But how do you know if it’s the right time for a full elevator replacement? Generally, the first sign is when your elevators are 25 years or more. Another strong indicator is when your elevators are frequently out of order, and you have to spend a lot of money for replacement parts. Elevator replacement is also the best option when you want to upgrade to a more spacious car that can comfortably accommodate your guests.

Add More Outdoor Seating

For most people that end up at your beachside hotel, the plan is to enjoy the warm weather and the sea air more. So, it’s safe to say that your guests won’t spend much time cooped up inside. In that case, it’s essential to implement hospitality renovations for the interior and exterior. In a beachside hotel, it’s also fundamental to organize the external spaces to enhance your guests’ satisfaction. For instance, visitors may be interested in getting a better view of the sea when they go outside, so why not hire experienced custom dock builders to provide visitors with the necessary access?

Besides that, investing in comfortable and high-quality outdoor seating is also essential. Your guests will appreciate having a large area at their disposal where they can lounge about and relax. Be sure to furnish the area accordingly with appropriate items, such as light-colored lounge chairs with canopies or designer tables with the right decor. Whether your beachside hotel has a terrace, a patio, or a veranda, make sure you make the most of the space by providing your guests with the ultimate outdoor living area.

Improve Your Landscaping

As mentioned, it’s also important to invest in the external appearance of your beachside hotel. If you have trees on your property, consider working with commercial tree preservation services to keep your trees in the best condition. You can also hire a landscaping company to spruce up your landscaping. When guests settle down, they’ll no doubt want to venture outdoors to explore the area. You can provide them with a beautiful experience by ensuring that the landscaping is well taken care of. Beautiful landscaping is all part of the package if you want a beachside hotel that’s a star attraction.

Replace Your Glass or Mirror Doors

Your list of hospitality renovations could also include commercial glass installation. The good news is you can find companies that provide custom cut glass options that meet your hotel’s safety and functional requirements. One benefit of glass is that it can also meet the aesthetic requirements of your establishment. Glass is a versatile material that can be used in many ways to enhance the appearance of various spaces. For instance, you can invest in custom mirror installation for the foyer of your hotel. This is a simple design idea that can add more depth to the area. You can emphasize the look by adding wall mirrors and custom glass shelves.

Besides the foyer, you can install glass in the hotel’s bathroom. This will add a more elegant and luxurious touch that guests will surely enjoy. With custom glass, you can order glass doors or mirrors that are cut to almost any size, whether you require something that spans wall-to-wall or smaller wall mirrors. All you have to do is specify the measurements that you want. If you’re adding mirrors for decor, you can add more class by experimenting with different shapes, such as oval, rectangular, or circular mirrors. You can also pick beautiful edging and glass that has the highest clarity.

Add a New Coat of Paint

Another aspect of commercial remodeling that can benefit your beachside hotel is to invest in a new coat of paint. That’s because the appearance of your building is always one of the first things people notice when they visit your hotel. A new coat of paint will help create a beautiful presentation that gives your business quality curb appeal. With a new coat of paint, you can create a clean and fresh-looking interior or exterior that invites and welcomes guests.

When running a beachside hotel, it’s essential to be aware of the state of your establishment to find areas that need to be spruced up. For instance, is the paint fading, is the carpet worn out, and do the furnishings look worse for wear? Or perhaps you need to hire a commercial garage door repair service or a commercial plumbing company to upgrade your interior. All these scenarios present the perfect opportunity to roll out some much-needed hospitality renovations. Whether you’re planning to invest in a minor or major facelift, the right hospitality renovations can bring new life into your establishment. This can help you become a local hotspot for visitors and vacationers looking for the ultimate beachside experience.

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