5 Reasons to Use the Shuttle Service

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A few months back I found some really cheap flights out of the airport in the city next to me. I booked them without taking the time to ask anyone if they’d be able to drive me. I figured, someone somewhere would be available. Well, as it turns out, no one was. Everyone was either working or out of town themselves. I began looking into airport parking and such to see if I could just drive myself. Much to my dismay, all I found out is that I was going to end up paying the same amount as I would have, had I flown out of my own city. That’s when someone told me about the airport shuttle service. I had known it existed, but I just never thought about it. Well, I ended up going with the shuttle service, because of the following reasons.

  1. The Cost
    It ended up being so cost effective, it surprised me. I had totaled up gas to drive myself as well as parking charges for the week and the shuttle was less than a quarter of what I would have spent. In fact, I would have given the same amount to a friend driving me to airport anyway.
  2. The Comfort
    The shuttle itself was so spacious with very padded seating. Public transportation these days tries to cut cost anywhere they can. I understand that they are trying to make it cheaper for us inner city travelers but it seems most of the money is being taken from the seating. Lots of public transportation don’t even have seats anymore, just some bars to hold on to when the minimal plastic seating runs out. However, the shuttle I rode on was so comfortable I actually fell asleep during the drive.
  3. The Convenience
    I took a taxi to the shuttle station and from there the shuttle dropped me off right in front of the airport I need to be at and even helped me with my luggage. After looking into further shuttle services, I found out that a shuttle will pick you up at the airport when you fly in and drive you directly to your hotel’s front door and back to the airport again when the time comes.
  4. The Reliability
    Most shuttle services can guarantee a 15 minute window of when they will pick you up to make sure you are on time for your flight barring any major disasters. I was actually early for my flight.
  5. The Research
    Many shuttle drivers are well researched and have a lot of knowledge about their routes and will point out special landmarks, making the ride a great tourist attraction.

Overall, the next time I fly out of another city, I will definitely employ the use of the shuttle service. I was thoroughly impressed by the transportation to the airport and loved the independence it offered.

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