3 Ways to Create a Memorable Family Camping Experience

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Make the most of your family camping trips by planning ahead! By thoroughly researching the different areas that the family campgrounds are situated in, you can discover all sorts of fun, outdoor activities that will create memorable moments for all ages.

As far as camping vacations go, this particular form has been growing in popularity over the last few years, totaling to about 534.9 million days of family camping trips back in 2011. Compare that with the 40 million people who went on a total of 515 million outings in 2010 and you?ll start to wonder what makes family camping trips such a popular option among vacationers.

It all has to do with the location. Many public campgrounds offer a wide variety of activities and weekend events for campers to enjoy, which helps to convince families to plan a return trip the following year. In fact, it?s been reported that about 70% of all family camping vacations have taken place on public campgrounds and 87% of individuals have made a point to take part in a variety of outdoor activities.
How can you make your family vacation memorable this year? Well, whether you?re backpacking, tent camping or staying in an RV, here are several activities that can liven up a weekend in the outdoors:

  1. Games: With 13% of adult campers reporting that they enjoy camping because it provides additional family time, games have become a family camping essential. For those moments of unexpected free time, Frisbees, balls, cards and board games are the perfect way to bring the family together!
  2. Hiking: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with nature and get the family together for a fun hiking adventure! Wooded campgrounds offer some of the best hiking trails in the nation. There?s always a wide variety of difficulty levels provided, so you don?t have to be a professional backpacker in order to enjoy the trails.
  3. Swimming: There are ample opportunities to escape the heat of summer when camping near a lake. While some of the beaches may be small, they provide the perfect spot to sit out in the sun while the kids splash in the shallows. Some family campgrounds have certain sections of their lakes roped off to designate a certain area for swimming and have lifeguards on duty so you can fully relax while on vacation.

How do you make the most of your family camping trips? Comment below with any additional ideas you may have!

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