What to Know When Buying an Engagement Ring

Are you preparing to buy an engagement ring soon and are wondering what there is you need to know? Look no further. This video will break down a couple of tricks for buying your engagement ring.

Let’s start with something many people don’t know: settings and center stones are often sold separately. So when you shop for an engagement ring, you’re often shopping for two things, your center stone (usually a white diamond) and your setting (the metal framework that holds your center stone).

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The 4Cs are quality gradings given to a diamond. Here’s a brief overview of the 4Cs. The cut is the grading of how well a diamond is cut, which affects how it captures light. The color is a measurement of how colorless a white diamond is. Clarity is a grading of how flawless a diamond is, both internally and externally. And the carat is the weight measurement that can give you an idea of how large a diamond is. Lastly, engagement rings can take some time to order. Unless you’re buying a preset engagement ring, your jeweler will need some time to place your desired diamond in your engagement ring’s setting.


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