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Cheap flight to bangkok

We love to travel. In 2016 the United States saw about 218 million air passengers, and every year the commercial airlines transport about 3.8 billion passengers and rake in a global revenue of around $501 billion. Domestically, four out five trips we take here in the United States are for leisure. We travel for leisure, to relax, and even to sample the food: a whole 98% of Millennials polled, according to Forbes, want to experience the local food scene when they travel. Cheap flights are important to us. Sourcing cheap flights lets us stretch our dollars, so we?re always going to be interested in the best way to find cheap flights to Cebu or discount travel to Cape Town. If you?re trying to figure out the best way to find cheap flights, here are a few tips to help you out:

Be Flexible

This is one of the best tips anyone can ever give you. Instead of choosing your destination and dates first, try looking first at the best prices to various destinations. Then you can choose an interesting destination that?s within your price range. Be sure to look at dates over a range of several weeks, because sometimes simply adjusting your dates by a day or two could save you some serious money.

Look for Dates During Ideal Times

The worst times to fly are always summer and the Christmas holiday. If you?re flying to and from China, be wary of Chinese New Year, too, which falls sometime in January or February each year. Flying to China during that time can be really pricey, though it you?re leaving it when everyone else is trying to get in, you can find some great airline deals. The best prices worldwide for cheap flights are usually going to be January to early May, and then September through early December.

Book in Advance

Prices will jump about a month out for domestic flights, and two months for international. Domestic flights are best booked about six weeks in advance, and international flights about 90 days ahead of time. If you must travel during the height of summer or during the holidays, be sure to add an extra month or two in advance planning to avoid getting shut out.

Is There Any Way to Get Cheap Last Minute Fares?

Usually not, although if you?re interested in flying business class you can usually find better last minute deals for international business flights than with economy class or with domestic flights. They?ll still be pricey, but business travelers don?t fly internationally as much, so there?s a chance airlines will have empty seats up there they are anxious to fill.

The most important advice for discount travel is to be as flexible as you can, both in terms of date and destination. That?s your best bet to find cheap flights to interesting destinations. And who knows? Bagging a flight to a place you never expected might just change your world.

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