The Top Three Awesome Benefits to Corporate Housing Apartments

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What is corporate housing? When comparing different lodging options, this is possibly the most important thing to understand. The best way to answer “what is corporate housing,” though, is to talk about what makes it an attractive option. Here are the three main draws to corporate housing apartments:

1. Luxury

Luxury corporate housing has, well, all the luxury of a hotel. They are essentially furnished apartments that come with high quality furniture and things like full sized, fully equipped kitchens with equally high quality tools. Corporate housing companies include most of the utilities as well as phone and internet use. For the duration of your stay there, you will live like a king! It is different from a hotel, though, in that you have…

2. Privacy

You have a great deal of privacy and as much solitude as you would like in corporate housing. In addition to all the comforts of a high quality hotel, you also have the comforts of home as well as whatever you bring with you. There is not as much of an impetus to leave the place untouched and not make yourself comfortable! That’s partially due to the atmosphere, and partially due to the…

3. Fluidity

The commitment to corporate housing is somewhere between an apartment and a hotel. You do not have to sign a lease for a year, but typically there is a minimum stay of about a month. This is short term enough to be the foreseeable future, but not such that it skyrockets the rates like a hotel. What do you think about this balance? Read this for more:

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