How to Repair Scratched Sunglasses

Where can i fix my sunglasses

It’s a common story: one day, you put on your sunglasses only to realize that one or both of your sunglass lenses is scratched. While seemingly inconsequential, this scratch is not only distracting, but increases the chance the glass will crack. For this reason, sunglasses with scratched lenses should not be worn. But can you fix scratched sunglasses? With sunglass replacement lenses, the process is simple.

Around the world, sunglasses generate an estimated $34 billion in revenue. In Australia alone, an estimated 50% of the nation’s population wears sunglasses. Their popularity is directly related to the importance of protecting your eyes from sunlight and glare: UV rays can damage retinas and put people at risk for developing cataracts, which cause visual clouding and eventually, impairment. Moreover, the skin surrounding the human eye is extremely thin, putting it at a high risk for cancer if it is not protected from UV rays. Even sunlight reflected off of snow, sand, and water can be extremely harmful to the eyes. Because of this, wearing functional sunglasses creates a number of benefits for the wearer; the most protective sunglasses are capable of blocking 99% of both UVA and UVB rays.

With these benefits to sunglasses, it is important to take care of them to ensure that you reap the full advantages as the wearer. So if you’ve scratched your sunglass lenses and are wondering “can you fix scratched sunglasses”, never fear: it is a simple feat to find sunglass lens replacements for any brand or style, whether you’re looking for designer replacement lenses for Oakley sunglasses or Ray Ban aviators, or even replacement lenses for non-designer sunglasses. And once you’ve received your replacement lenses, it is a simple matter to pop out the damaged lens and refit the new one. If you are nervous about this task, however, you can also take your sunglasses to be professionally fixed. Don’t put your eyes at risk: fix your scratched sunglasses with replacement lenses today.
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