The Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus Comfortable Seating and More!

Mini coach rental

Whether you’re heading to a destination wedding with family, on your annual sightseeing tour with friends, or traveling to a work-related retreat, you can travel comfortably on a bus. In addition to having reclining seats and other amenities, such as mobile conference rooms and free WiFi, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the trip.

There are other benefits to traveling on a bus rather than driving or using another means of travel. When you rent a charter bus, you’re making a positive environmental impact. One of the reasons for this is that motor coaches get more passenger miles per gallon when compared to other modes of travel:

  • Motor Coaches: 206 passenger miles per gallon
  • Commuter rail: 92 passenger miles per gallon
  • Domestic air carrier: 44 passenger miles per gallon
  • Single passenger automobiles: 27 miles per gallon
  • Furthermore, when a motor coach is at full capacity, it potentially removes 55 vehicles from the roads and highways. This reduces congestion, energy usage, and carbon dioxide emissions. It’s been demonstrated that motor coaches are also three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide emissions when compared to commuter rails. They are, in fact, six times more efficient than transit buses.

    There are also more motor coach terminals than airpot and intercity rail terminals. This makes traveling by motor coach a convenient mode of travel. Recent figures show that there are actually five times more motor coach terminals throughout the United States than there are airports. Intercity rails aren’t as prevalent, either. Currently, there are six times as many bus terminals than there are intercity rail terminals.

    Since there are quite a few benefits to traveling by charter bus, it’s not surprising that this is a popular way to travel. When you rent a charter bus, you are also contributing to local economies. When just one motor coach stops for the night, the passengers and driver may contribute up to $11,660 to that community for lodging, meals, and other items, such as souvenirs.

    According to a study conducted by the American Bus Association, bus travel is becoming even more prevalent. During 2011 to 2012, for example, passenger bus travel increased by 7.5%. Due to the benefits of traveling by motor coach, it’s becoming the fastest growing mode of travel. If you haven’t traveled by motor coach before, why not plan your next trip accordingly?

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