Planning the Travel for Weddings

A wedding is a major milestone in one’s life, and a bride and groom will look forward for it for months until the big day. A lot of work goes into setting up a wedding and its reception: a non-exhaustive list would include finding and renting the venue, the brides’s and groom’s outfits (and those of the bridesmaids and groomsmen), getting a wedding officiant such as a priest or rabbi, the tables and silverware for the reception lunch or dinner, catering, the florist, the photographer, the guest list, and arranging guest seating. But -planning for the big day isn’t just about the bride and groom; their guests need somewhere to stay if they are coming from out of town (and this often happens), so luxurious accommodations should be found for out-of-town guests who need somewhere to stay before they visit the perfect wedding venue for the ceremony. Guests can hardly be expected to camp out at the venue the night before; instead, wedding planning will include finding luxurious accommodations for guests, and this may vary based on one’s area, budget, and the number of guests for the wedding. What are some good ideas for luxurious accommodations?

Weddings and Travel

Wedding guests who live in the same town or city as the bride and groom can simply go from home to the venue on the big day, but guests from out of town need to travel, and even the bride and groom will have to take luxurious accommodations into account for themselves during their honeymoon. Traveling for a wedding or honeymoon may factor into the larger American industry or travel, and some wedding guests may be flying across multiple states in a plane to reach the wedding, such as flying from Minnesota all the way to California, or from Oregon to Alaska for a destination wedding. Travel is plenty popular already, and statistics show how often people travel and even how they think and feel during these trips. For example, as of 2017, domestic travel within the United States actually increased 1.9%, which totaled up to 2.25 billion personal trips taken that year. Travel can also relieve a lot of stress for a person and set them at ease, and for this reason, many people on vacation, some 42% of them, say that they feel more romantic on a trip, and this can work well for wedding guests or newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Luxurious accommodations are certainly a factor for wedding guests, and on a smaller scale, the same is true for honeymoon travelers. Every year in the United States, nearly 1.4 million newlyweds will travel for their honeymoon, and often, these trips may last seven to nine days, meaning that luxurious accommodations are a must wherever they go. A honeymoon is a very special time for newlyweds, and they wouldn’t want it ruined by hardships on the trip such as shabby accommodations or getting robbed in their sleep due to faulty security at a cheap place. Rather, those who can afford a honeymoon trip can probably also afford to find luxurious accommodations that are comfortable as well as safe, and the expenses of plane tickets, eating out, luxurious accommodations, and more during a honeymoon are factored into the wedding budget ahead of time to make sure that everything goes smoothly. A wedding plan covers more than just the costs of wine glasses and hiring a florist; the epilogue, the honeymoon, will be factored in as well. If it isn’t, finding the money for a comfortable honeymoon may be a hassle.


Luxurious accommodations are a must for out-of-town guests who are flying in for a wedding, and the number of them, as well as the availability of hotels near the venue, affects where the bride and groom will choose to put them. This may mean not only finding and booking rooms in bulk at a hotel (this can involve bulk discounts as a bonus), but also transportation. Out-of-town guests will probably not have a car or motorcycle with them, so instead, the bride and groom may arrange for transport to and from the venue such as taxis or even limousines, and a chartered bus might also be helpful for moving a lot of guests to the venue together.

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