Differences Between the 3 Main US Air Charter Safety Ratings

Gulfstream private jet

There are many private jet providers to choose from. In fact, statistics gathered from 2011 found that there were 11,261 of private jets registered throughout the United States. Considering the vast amounts of registered private jets, it’s understandable to want to ensure that you have the best private jet experience while traveling for business purposes. In fact, statistics gathered from a 2009 survey found that those on company aircraft are 20% more productive than those working in an office. Private jets allow people to travel at a lower altitude with fewer amounts of traffic which often makes trips much faster. While choosing a private jet company, it’s important to look past concerns having to do with charter flight pricing. With that in mind, here are the differences between the three main ratings of the ARG/US Air Charter Safety Rating system.

  • Gold Rating

    In order to achieve this rating, a private jet company must first be in operation for at least one year. A company must achieve satisfactory results on their safety analysis and pilot background checks. In addition, aircraft operation control validation information is looked into before this rating is handed out.
  • Gold Plus Rating

    There is another rating that is considered to be above the gold rating. Known as the gold plus rating, a private jet company will need to pass additional audits. This ARGUS audit is conducted in order to ensure that companies meet additional requirements needed to obtain a gold plus rating. A private jet company needs to have completed this ARGUS audit with uncorrected findings.
  • Platinum Rating

    Private jet companies going above and beyond testing standards are able to achieve the extremely exclusive platinum rating. In addition to meeting all other previously mentioned testing and audits, there are other requirements that must be met to achieve this rating. To achieve this rating, a company must complete an ARGUS audit with no findings or any that need to be corrected. In addition, a company must also have a functioning SMS and Emergency Response Plan. If you’re looking into charter flight pricing in order to book a flight, it makes sense to choose a platinum rated company.

To summarize, there are three main ratings given out to private jet companies that are able to meet ARG/US Air Charter Safety Rating standards. That being said, private jet companies unable to meet these requirements will be listed as a company that does not officially qualify. Considering that, a company that achieves a platinum rating from this testing system meets and exceeds the highest possible standards. If you’re interested in booking a private jet trip, it’s wise to contact a quality flight provider right away. Speaking with a private jet company representative allows you to obtain important information including charter flight pricing and which types of jets are currently being offered.

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