An Inside Look at Hotel Laundry Machines

It is vital to keep customers happy in the hospitality industry. Hotels that operate at near maximum capacity 2-3 times a week need to have a good laundry system. This video shows the importance of good laundry machines in hotels.

LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) encourages hotels to become more energy-efficient, as doing laundry can consume a lot of energy and water.

The laundry machines in busy hotels should have high extraction washers and fast dryers.

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A washer-extractor is much bigger than a regular washing machine and it spins at higher speeds to extract the water.

Using efficient machines such as the Unimac will help cut down labor costs. They are also simple to use as they have the same controls on the washers and the dryers. Commercial clothes dryer sales depend on the efficiency of the machines.

Washing and drying at high speeds can help save a lot of money and cut down the time taken to do laundry.
The bed linens also come out fresh and clean, which equates to happy hotel guests.

It may be advisable to replace old equipment rather than repair it as newer models are more energy-efficient.

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