5 Tips to Make Your Cabin Camping Trip Great

Tent camping in michigan

Camping is popular. In 2010, 40 million people took camping vacations. That number increased to 42.5 million in 2011. Camping means different things to different people. Tent camping is the most popular form of camping. Approximately 86% of campers do it in a tent and that is what most people think of when they think about camping. There are other options such as cabin camping. Many people will rent rustic cabins in national and state parks and other places around the country.

Rustic cabins located deep in the woods or on a lake can be a great place to have your family camping adventure. One added benefit to a cabin is that if you do hit bad weather, you can sleep indoors where you will stay warm and dry.

Here are some tips for making your cabin camping vacation fantastic:

  1. Plan ahead. Rustic cabins can book up early. If you know where you want to go and when, start researching campgrounds and parks and cabin rental options early. Call the places that interest you most and ask what their rules and recommendations are.
  2. Ask about the amenities in the rental cabins. What is the cooking situation? Is there a microwave? An oven? What else is included? When you look at the park?s website, they should list everything that is in and is available for the rustic cabins but it does not hurt to call and ask. This will influence a lot of what you bring with you. Remember to ask about how the cabin rentals are heated. Some do have electric heating systems but many do not. Again, this will impact what you bring with you.
  3. Plan your meals in advance. Once you are in the park, you probably are not going to want to leave to go to the grocery store. If you plan ahead, you can bring everything you are going to need to feed your family and friends for the time you are in the park.
  4. How will you occupy your time once in the park? What does the park you have selected have to offer in terms of activities? Ask the staff what people like to do there. Hiking is the most popular camping activity in America, more than 90% of campers go hiking. Most parks have great scenery and just about anyone can enjoy a hike. There are other things people like to do while camping. If there is a lake near their rustic cabins, a nice swim can be a great way to spend the day. Do some research beforehand and it will make your experience much richer.
  5. Make your cabin an electronics free zone. Your family may protest and it is hard to unplug but your trip will be much better and rewarding if you do not check your work email, Facebook or other social media accounts. It will help focus your attention and make you be more present in your family camping vacation than you would be checking all of your devices throughout your time away. Your family will thank you later.

Camping vacations are a great way to bond with friends and family. Unlike going to a hotel, you are fully immersed in the nature of the park and you can really unplug. This time away from everything can recharge your spirit.

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